IPL sensation Ajinkya Rahane


IPL sensation Ajinkya Rahane

Born on 5 June 1988, Ajinkya Rahane presently holds the orange cap in IPL T20 season 5. He is an opening batsman for Rajasthan Royals led by Rahul Dravid. 5 feet 6 inches tall Rahane has the capability of smashing the ball all over the stadium with his incredible timing and technique.

His orientation number is 1, which indicates that he is a natural leader, full of drive and determination. Since the beginning of IPL season 5, Ajinkya is showcasing his batting prowess. According to his orientation number he finds inner balance in sports activities. A look into his present profile, he is actually enjoying all the media attention. With his and IPL season 5’s first ton, he has managed to garner innumerous fans.

His consistency has put him on the top slot of highest scorers. Very well supported by fellow Royal Owais Shah, he doesn’t depend on power but relies on technique to execute his high flying shots. He is a risk taker. He often plays lofted shots in order to shoot the ball between the gaps.

His ruling number 5 lends him an individual streak and distinct style. On the field, during batting he is very calm and composed. He plays really well under pressure hence increasing the chances of Rajasthan Royals to enter the finals.

Rahane got a chance to prove his mettle when he was given an only opportunity in Under-16 Ranaji match on his father’s request to the coach of team Mumbai. In his first match he scored a century and led the match to a draw. Since then he has proved himself in many occasions. In the history of T20 cricket format, he is the only cricketer to hit six consecutive fours which proves his consistency. Apart from his impeccable batting skills, what makes him an asset to the team is his excellent fielding. He resists his opponents and compels them to think twice before going for a run if the ball is directed towards him.

Currently, one of the best players in World Cricket, 20-something Ajinkya has a long way to go. The nation has high hopes from this cricketing sensation and so far, he has lived up to expectations.



Akshaya Tritiya on April 24


Akshaya Tritiya on April 24

Buying something valuable? Wait till Tuesday.
Most Auspicious Akshaya Tritiya (again) this time! No 6, Venus (Shukra) is Planet of Luxury. The Date of the Festival is governed triply by Venus as
1) Its on 24th,
2) 24+4+2012=6 too;
3) Taurus Ruler is Venus too!

Last year too it was very Auspicious as not only was it a triple Venus Date, the Day was also a Shukrawar (Shukra-Venus). Jewellers proved my prediction right last year by selling record Gold.

So Goldsmiths can Expect many Bhappi Lahiri’s this time!

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Sanjay B Jumaani,
Celebrity Numerologist

Mukesh Ambani’s a Number 1


Mukesh Ambani’s a Number 1

Mukesh Ambani, born on April 19, 1957 is a number 1 and here’s what celebrity Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani had to say about how the number 1 influences a person’s luck and lends them with skills that so many desire but lack.

No 1, Sun & No 9, Mars – two Pillars of the Numbers game are both fiery planets that make a person possess leadership skills. Skills very evident in Mukesh Ambani.

Today, 19/04 is a day Governed by both Sun & Mars (Aries Ruler). 19/11 also a 1 & 9 combo as Scorpio Ruler No 9.

19/11 also the B’day of 4 great personalities who shone in their fields – Indira Gandhi, Dara Singh, Zeenat Aman & Ms Universe Sushmita Sen.

Bill Gates (28/10) & Miss World Aishwarya Rai (1/11) are also No 1 Scorpions. Worlds Richest Man, Carlos Slim Helu; a No 1 (28/1) Ratan Tata 28/12, (Richest Indian Corporate) Dhirubhai Ambani a Double 1. (28+12+1932=1 too) 2nd Richest is again a No 1, Bill Gates.

Lata (28/9) in Music, Sanjeev Kapoor as Chef, Shiamak as Dance Guru, Abhinav 1st Olympic Gold, Kalmadi (10/5) as ‘ComonWealth’ Champ, A Raja, tele’phony’ King (10/5) all leaders in their field! Osama (10/3) a No 1 too!

Top 5 IPL teams to watch out for

With Rajasthan Royals and Pune warriors India winning back to back matches, bookies might be scratching their heads as to where they should put their money. New captains, new faces, new jerseys – this IPL 5 is going to be highly unpredictable. Take a dekko of Top 5 IPL teams that will compete neck and neck.

Royal Challengers: Vijay Mallya’s cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines may only give him reasons to worry and pose a threat to end his good times. But his IPL team Royal Challengers is likely to give him more reasons to celebrate and bring his good times back. What more can a man, who believes in living his live King size ask for? From their dismal performance at the opening edition of the IPL to making it to the finals twice, the Royal Challengers Bangalore has come a long way. And if there’s one man, who can bring home the title for him, it`s Virat Kohli, young, aggressive and is currently on top form. Born on 5 November, his ruling number is 5. The planet Mercury governs this number and he is shrewd, mentally alert and intuitive. He is active, quick and agile, both physically and mentally.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK): Currently, CSK is the most successful team in the Indian Premier League, having won the IPL title twice (2010 and 2011). They are all geared up to register a hat trick by winning this year too. With the man with the midas touch, MS Dhoni leading the side, nothing seems to be going wrong for the Super Kings. They may not have had the start they would have wanted but this team is still the hot favourite to win the title. Dhoni’s (born July 7) ruling number is 7. This number is governed by the Planet Neptune, which means that he is highly imaginative and is a very methodical and logical person. Too much of cricket over the years has exhausted him completely and is likely to have its effect in this IPL. But with the presence of strong players like Suresh Raina, Dwayne Bravo, Michael Hussey, Albie Morkel, this team may again be the champion.

Mumbai Indians: The favourite of many, not only because the team has Sachin Tendulkar but for the wonderful display of the game over the years. With every edition of the IPL, they have come stronger and performed better. And now with Harbhajan Singh at the helm of affairs as captain, he will bring the aggressiveness and urgency that the team needs. It will be interesting to see where he takes the team from here. This is a big opportunity for him to prove himself and get back to the national side again. His (born July 3) ruling number is 3 and this number is governed by the Planet Jupiter. His ambition, leadership and drive will always motivate him to strive for constant improvements in his game.

Rajasthan Royals: This team is a perfect example of ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. They do not have any hard hitting iconic player to boast of, yet they have loyal and committed players who are enough to take on other opponents that have the likes of Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, Jacques Kallis, and Suresh Raina. Despite not putting up a good show after the first edition of IPL, they still remain the dark horse. With Rahul Dravid having taken over the reign, Rajasthan Royals is once again poised to stun the cricketing world and lift the victory trophy. He will go out and play for the love of the game and of course, to win. In this endeavour, he will be backed by his loyalist team mates. His ruling number is 2 (born January 11). This number is governed by the Moon; his highly imaginative, idealistic, creative attributes and mental alert will get reflected during the IPL.

Pune Warriors India: Finishing at the 9th position on debut last year, Pune Warriors India is raring to go for the kill on the battle field, this season. Leading the warriors from the front is our Bengal Tiger, Sourav Ganguly. With a vengeful attitude to avenge the humiliation he had felt in the last IPL, Sourav dada is a lot more aggressive this time. He will be putting all efforts to win this league and return the goodwill of Mr. Subrata Roy, who signed him when there was no taker for him in the initial bidding process of the IPL 4. He could turn the fortune of Pune Warriors. His ruling number is 8 (born July 8). This number is governed by the Planet Saturn, which means that he possesses a keen sense of discipline, steadfastness, constancy and dutifulness.

Predictions for Harbhajan Singh


 Predictions for Harbhajan Singh

The fun, the fever, the noise, the cheering crowds, er, cheer leaders are back once again. In short, the IPL mania returns. Also back with IPL 5 is our turbanator Harbhajan Singh urf Bhajji in action. Haven’t we missed him on the field?

This time, Bhajji enters the cricket field with added responsibilities. With Sachin Tendulkar handing over him the captainship of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League this season, he has dual roles to play. He has to contribute not only as a team member but also show his leadership skills.

Bhajji as a captain! Now, how well could a cricketer, who is rough and loud and whose controversies have overshadowed his bowling records, lead a side that has some of the world’s greatest cricketers? Well, this question runs through the quizzical mind of every cricket fan.

Is he the right choice? It may be too early to draw a conclusion on this but we already had a glimpse of him as a leader. He had successfully led the Mumbai Indians to Champions League Twenty20 triumph in 2011. So having already won a tournament, wouldn’t it be wrong to doubt his credibility as a captain?

Injuries and his inconsistent performance may hit roadblocks in his career, but undoubtedly he is still a menace for the batsmen. His opponents know very well how this turbanator can turn out to be a tornado, if it’s his day.

Astrologically speaking, Harbhajan (July 3, 1980) belongs to the sun sign Cancer with 3 as his ruling number. This number is governed by the Planet Jupiter. Born under this number, he will be lucky in financial matters and will get plenty of opportunities for career advancement. And indeed, he did get it!

From his bowling action being closely examined by ICC to facing the charge of being racist, this man has seen the worst. It is only through his perseverance and hard work that today; he has the second-highest number of Test wickets by an off spinner, behind Muttiah Muralitharan.

He is usually lucky in life. He is able to attract all that is good towards him. He is adaptable and multitalented (sometimes, he does let his bat do the talking). He has oodles of confidence and is self-reliant. His ambition, leadership and drive will always motivate him to strive for constant improvements in his professional life. Whether he sledged, slapped or called his opponent ‘Maa ki’ – hate him or love him but you can’t ignore Harbhajan Singh, who’s ever ready to give his best and ‘make it large’.

Sona kitna Sona hai


 Sona kitna Sona hai

Spot the difference!
Sona kitna Sona hai!

Mumbai Indians were suggested by me to add more Gold as It represents No 1, Sun, leadership.
Richest Indian, Mukesh Ambani is a No 1 (19/4) as also wife Nita (1/11)…

Did u notice their Numbers on jerseys were now in Gold instead of White?
Will post my favorites for the last 4 qualifiers soon, so keep watching this space!

God Bless

Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani

What happens when Pluto turns retrograde?


What happens when Pluto turns retrograde?

This April 10, the god of the underworld and of wealth, Pluto is going retrograde in Capricorn until September 18, 2012. With the planet moving backwards through the zodiac, does this occurrence warn of some dire consequences? Should you hit the panic button fearing that this phase has only bad things to offer?

Relax; this planetary movement is not as bane as one presumes. Let it sink into your mind that the retrogression of planet does not always bring with it a baggage of unexpected troubles and problems. The good news is that it does also have some goodies in store for you. So, what really to expect from this planetary phase?

Say goodbye to outdated and old methods of functioning and say hello to a new one. This retro phase urges you to let go of what is old and embrace the new. You may need to discard your traditional approach towards all sorts of things. This phase calls for flexibility and adaptability to the change happening around you. Try to adapt to the change as fast as possible as it will go on to reap rich dividends for you.

When Pluto goes retrograde, you become far more intense and your concentration level increases. You start looking at things in a whole new manner. You may get suspicious of the motives of others and start seeing more than there actually is. And as you know, life is not always a bed of roses; get yourself prepared as this phase will test you to the hilt. With Pluto in Capricorn, your strength, organisational ability, leadership quality will be tested in both your professional and personal life. Now, that’s exhausting! But you should not succumb to these pressures.

Under this influence, even a person suffering from a major illness can expect to make a fast recovery. Since, the retrograde motion is directed towards your inner activity, if any negativity runs through your mind, it will have its repercussion on your physical strength. You will benefit from the fact that you will have a healthier mind during this time. Heave a sigh of relief, this phase will lighten the heavy emotional baggage that you have been carrying.

Spirituality or soul searching will interest you. Your investigative powers come to the front and you are a lot more careful in dealing with people or work. Overall, this is a positive phase and if you are hoping to get some new and exciting opportunities, it may just happen during this period.