Quick Take

We got it right!

The predictions made by Astroyogi regarding the 2009 Lok Sabha elections proved to be correct. Once again we got it right! As per our prediction the present government did come to power. These were some of the predictions made by us for the 2009 Lok Sabha elections:

According to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s birth details, Venus is the key planet, which gives her name, fame and popularity all over the world. This time, the stars may support Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to win more seats as compared to previous Lok Sabha elections. The expected gain should be 10% to 20%….



GoodLuck Charms – The Rabbit’s Foot 

The belief that a rabbit’s foot is lucky is common in American culture, but at one time in the past, this belief was considered a superstition, especially one of Afro-American origin. In earlier decades, it was only the left hind foot of the rabbit that was considered lucky and the wearer had to rub it to bring on good luck. This was because people noticed in amazement that when a rabbit ran, its hind feet went ahead of its front ones. Therefore, the hind feet were considered lucky. Some people also believed that the rabbit’s foot was a source of protective magic.

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3 comments on “Quick Take

  1. Rajeeva Ranjan says:

    How I find the reply from Astrodate.

  2. Rajeeva Ranjan says:

    How I find the reply from Astrdate in which I send messages?

  3. SHEKAYA PIUS says:

    how will i get access to it. from Nigeria

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