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Netway India Pvt. Limited was established in the year 1999 by Meena Kapoor, CEO. It was launched with a vision to venture into various verticals in the Internet space such as astrology, matrimony and dating for the NRI market.  While the company did manage to launch all three, however owing to the dotcom bust, there was a lot of bootstrapping and realignment of strategy that took place. Eventually it was Astroyogi.com that became its most visible brand.

Astroyogi.com, one of the most comprehensive flagship portals of Netway India Pvt Ltd, was launched on January 24th 2001. It is today India’s leading astrology portal partnered with internationally recognized internet brands including MSN, Yahoo and Google. Astroyogi.com houses over 10,000 pages of unique content dealing with all spheres of astrology and spirituality. The services offered by Astroyogi spans across horoscopes in various genres; palmistry, numerology, tarot, Feng Shui, Vaastu and Indian astrology. Paid services include personalized email reports, Astro Shopping for products & Vedic Luck, a unique personalized daily predictions service. The “Live Phone Advice Service” is the first of its kind real time Astro consultation service in India. It allows users to connect with any astrologer of their choice in real time. With renowned celebrity consultants on its panel such as Ajai Bhambi, Dr. P.K. Sharma, Sanjay Jumaani, Maa Prem Ritambhara, Mita Bhan and V Pandey, Astroyogi.com offers its users the best possible counselling.  Astroyogi offers one of the largest content pools in the world today. The endeavour is to provide quality content that is appealing across demographics to a global audience.

Astroyogi.com has global viewership, with local presence Southeast Asia, owing to its strategic alliance with MSN Southeast Asia for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines . Astroyogi.com is also the preferred partner for several leading news channels, and media houses.

In the year 2004 the company diversified in the mobile VAS industry, becoming a major player across telecom partners, and working extensively across all technical platforms. For its WAP/SMS/IVR and live services, the organization has tied up with all the major telecom operators to provide content for over 250 distinct services in order to ensure that there is a synergy in the content regardless of the language. Not leaving any stone unturned, Netway India Pvt. Limited has also launched the Astroyogi branded, iAstro channels on  Airtel DTH and IPTV for MY Way across the nation.

It has partnered with all major telecom players including Vodafone, Airtel, Idea Cellular, Tatatel, Reliance, Aircel, and Onmobile, Comviva, B! as well as AOL, rediff mobile, msn mobile on the aggregator side. Astroyogi.com plans to further expand its reach across various technological platforms.

Milestones and Strategic Partnerships

1999-2000  Netway India Pvt. Ltd, India arm of Netway 2000 Ltd (U.K based

Software Co.) was set up.

2001    Astroyogi.com was launched during the dot com bust.

2002       MSN Astrology in India

2003     Yahoo! India Astrology

2004     Rediff Astrology, MSN Mobile, Idea Cellular

and Airtel.

2004      Opened first call center for Airtel.

2005     Vodafone , Tatatel and Rediff Mobile

2006            Zee TV, Onmobile
Reliance Mobile, AOL Mobile, TV – Zee Interactive and MSN SouthEast Asia Astrology

MSN Southeast Asia Astrology- Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia

and Thailand

2007      Google (iGoogle and SMS)

2009      Aircel, Tatatel, Reliance, Comviva, IPTV- My Way (BSNL)

2009        Launched company shortcode 57677.

2009      Sponsored the movie, ‘What’s Your Rashee?’

2010         Airtel DTH


10 comments on “About Us

  1. Prakash says:

    The rates of your paid services do not specify the duration of validity.
    Please clarify

  2. Anand Iyer says:

    Dear Alka,

    I had sought your consultation for progeny prospects which somehow did not work. I would like to know if you need more details to give a accurate prediction

  3. rajiv pandey says:

    Rajiv Pandey.

    • Astroyogi says:

      Hi Rajiv,

      For an answer to your order-related query, please contact customer care at: 011-26135327 or 011-26130203.
      Or, alternately, please leave your email id here and we will revert to you ASAP.

      Thanks, Team Astroyogi

  4. NAYAN SAIKIA says:

    i want a blue sapphire of 7 carrat ..i want to know the rates..and the payment methods.

  5. RASHMIKANT says:

    Please quote me a price of upto 7 carat EMERALD [PANNA] GOOD QUALITY

  6. Rey Mimms says:

    Top-quality aid I’ve essentially spent a whole lot of hours on this resource site just seeking!

  7. SRINIVASAN says:

    The service done by Astroyogi is remarkably Good!!!! There could be few unexpected delays, but results will follow.

  8. Narendra says:

    I believe and trust you.

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