What Makes Gemini Venkaiah Naidu a go-getter?

M.-Venkaiah-Naidu2While recalling the fanfare that was the swearing-in ceremony of central ministers just the last month, this middle aged man who came in a lungi stands out in the memory; The Union Minister with a receding hairline and expanding waistline, who had been given too many ministries-Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty alleviation and Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. Yes, the minister in focus is Mr. Venkaiah Naidu. His plate seems too full so it might be a good idea to examine how much of workload he might actually have, i.e. the real challenges that his ministries have to tackle.

First, urban planning. As was thrown in sharp contrast by the recent accidental demise of Gopinath Munde, road planning and designing need attention. Residents of the fabled urban areas of India know the issues with sewage disposal, residential properties’ planning, unplanned flyovers, etc. and a traveler only needs to be asked hoe precisely mapped our cities are. All these issues relate to the security and ease of life for the people and directly affect the productivity of the nation’s workforce.

Second, urban poverty is seen each citizen of this great country and yet remains unseen. Sensitizing people to this misfortune of others, finding homes for the homeless and most important of all, plugging the inflow of migrant workers from rural areas and ensuring that the existing ones get their due rights-all of these remain important tasks to quell the discomfort in people due to income inequalities. These tasks will require co-ordination between various ministries-HRD, Home, Rural Development, Women and Child Development to name a few. Most ministers holding this portfolio in the past have been gross failures when it came to handling these sensitive issues-not to mention these are sentimental issues for the populace and require delicate handling. Thus, Mr. Naidu has his task cut out for him.

Last, this old hand of BJP would have to ensure that the government manages the affairs of the house well. In layman’s language it means that the house works at least some of the days and no tables/chairs/footwear are exchanged between the honorable members.

Gemini’s are famous for being indecisive and having a poor focus, so this Gemini male might be of little help with small issues requiring a closer view of things, like erecting mirrors on sharp road turns or covering manholes but since this sun sign is affable and a convincing speaker, it may be assumed that issues like urban poverty alleviation that require inter-ministry co-ordination will be handled quite well. The ruling number 1 and luck number 4 make Mr. Naidu someone who is always ready to do something new and make him a go-getter. This means that the minister may be able to find innovative ways of attracting MPs to the parliament and pay attention! All in all interesting times are expected ahead in these ministries, since the old, tough challenges have met an equally seasoned, tough politician with an interesting astrological and numerological profile.


Numerology Career Destinations

Calculate your ruling number by adding your date of birth. If you were born between 1 to 9th of the month, your ruling number is the day you were born. For example, if you were born on the 5th of the month, your ruling number is 5. Similarly, if you were born on the 22nd of the month, your ruling number is (2+2) 4. Numerologically, each Ruling Number is associated with certain characteristics and all of us belong to one of these ruling numbers.

Ruling Number 1: Ruling number 1 people are known for being determined and patient. They don’t give up easily and these folks will do well by not jumping into conclusions. Great administrative skills help them carve a successful career for themselves. Japan, USA and India are lucky destinations.

Ruling Number 2: Ruling number 2 people are balanced, supportive and caring by nature. They will do well in a career that allows them to play a nurturing role. NGO jobs are suitable for these people. Artists and creative folks may have Number 2 as their ruling number. UK, France and Italy are lucky destinations.

Ruling Number 3: Ruling Number 3 people are highly independent and strong. They are wise and do not get fooled easily. Decision making comes easy to Number 3 folks. They will do well as Managers and Judges. Greece, Egypt and Thailand are lucky destinations.

Ruling Number 4: Ruling Number 4 people are well organized and are extremely good with planning. They are goal oriented and are driven to succeed. They will be ideal for a career in business, arts or the media. USA, Iceland and Spain are lucky destinations.

Ruling Number 5: Ruling Number 5 people are known for being restless and high on energy. They are shrewd and do well in all forms of business. Taking advantage of other people’s weaknesses comes naturally to these people. Ireland, France and Germany are lucky destinations.

Ruling Number 6: Ruling Number 6 people are naturally artistic and have an eye for detail. They appreciate beauty like no other sign. A career in design, interior decoration suits the artistic side of Ruling number 6. Britain, Italy and Spain are lucky destinations.

Ruling Number 7: Ruling number 7 people are firm believers in honesty, truth and justice. They seek the truth in whatever they do. They have an analytical mind that helps them delve deep into subjects of technical and philosophical studies. They do well as researchers, professors and political thinkers. Indonesia, Romania and Germany are lucky destinations.

Ruling Number 8: Ruling number 8 forever works for the betterment of society and others. They are concerned about the welfare of other human beings. They like to lead and inspire others with their thoughts. A career in business, finance, or sports suits them best. USA, UK and Japan are lucky destinations.

Ruling Number 9: Ruling Number 9 lives for the betterment of society and will act as a change agent. They are courageous and quick. A career in law, design or politics suits them best.

For more information visit : http://www.astroyogi.com/numerology/

Mukesh Ambani’s a Number 1


Mukesh Ambani’s a Number 1

Mukesh Ambani, born on April 19, 1957 is a number 1 and here’s what celebrity Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani had to say about how the number 1 influences a person’s luck and lends them with skills that so many desire but lack.

No 1, Sun & No 9, Mars – two Pillars of the Numbers game are both fiery planets that make a person possess leadership skills. Skills very evident in Mukesh Ambani.

Today, 19/04 is a day Governed by both Sun & Mars (Aries Ruler). 19/11 also a 1 & 9 combo as Scorpio Ruler No 9.

19/11 also the B’day of 4 great personalities who shone in their fields – Indira Gandhi, Dara Singh, Zeenat Aman & Ms Universe Sushmita Sen.

Bill Gates (28/10) & Miss World Aishwarya Rai (1/11) are also No 1 Scorpions. Worlds Richest Man, Carlos Slim Helu; a No 1 (28/1) Ratan Tata 28/12, (Richest Indian Corporate) Dhirubhai Ambani a Double 1. (28+12+1932=1 too) 2nd Richest is again a No 1, Bill Gates.

Lata (28/9) in Music, Sanjeev Kapoor as Chef, Shiamak as Dance Guru, Abhinav 1st Olympic Gold, Kalmadi (10/5) as ‘ComonWealth’ Champ, A Raja, tele’phony’ King (10/5) all leaders in their field! Osama (10/3) a No 1 too!

Feng Shui for singles…

fengShui_for_singlesAre you single? Been looking for love without success? There’s no better way of attracting love than creating a smooth flow of chi with the help of Feng Shui. Did you know that a simple way to get into the love zone is to arrange the furniture around your house and make your bedroom a better space to invigorate romance? When areas of your home affecting your love life have a wrong floor plan or are cluttered, relationships are likely to get messed up. Here are some easy ways to get your love life back on track and connect with that someone special…

All About Beds!

NEVER place your bed where the sides are against the wall. Place side tables on both left and right hand side of your bed. This attracts positive energy and is a welcome change if you want to start a new relationship. Clean up your bedroom and clap loudly to clear out negative energy out of your room and out of your life. Place your bed in such a way that there is equal space on both sides.

Free Up Space

If you want to take your casual fling to the next level or want to take things forward with your love interest, you need to have some free space in your room. Make sure your closets, drawers and shelves are not filled to capacity or cluttered. Keeping some free space in your room will bring you one step closer to finding love.

Get Rid of Your Past

If you had an unsuccessful relationship, the first thing that you need to do is throw away stuff that reminds you of your past. Anything that belonged to your ex, maybe old clothes, photos that you clicked together or was a gift from your ex need to go. Do not keep old love letters stored away somewhere if you want your love life to get going.

The Right Images

Images have a strong impact on the kind of life you lead and the kind you desire so much. If you are fond of surrounding yourself with images make sure they do not symbolise loneliness, solitude, disagreement or sadness in any way. An image of a person alone is a sure shot way of saying goodbye to happy love relationships. No matter how special the image is to you, keep it away from your bedroom. The wall opposite to the foot of your bed is the best place for you to hang romantic artwork or anything in pairs. Anything that screams out “love” and “romance” will be perfect for your bedroom.

Let chi find its way to you

Walk around your home and look out for dingy and dark corners. Throw away all burnt out candles or used bulbs and add some light to these dark corners for positive energy. Make sure the doors in your home are in good condition. Doors that squeak, get stuck or need repairing attract bad luck so make sure they don’t. Placing figures of two white swans on the far right corner of your bedroom will enhance your love life. You can also opt to light two red coloured candles at this corner for love.

Watch out for this space next week as well for more Feng Shui tips to enhance your lovelife…

Uranus Retrograde: Time for adventure and fun…

The planet Uranus will turn retrograde on the 1st of July 2009. During this uranusretrograde motion, you are likely to feel rebellious. You will seek freedom and a lot of adventure. Going on a short trip is a possibility during this period. Friends will find it fun to be around you. You will also find yourself indulging in physical activities and outdoor sports. Most of you are likely to start a new hobby or see a change in your daily routine during this time. You will find it easier to let go of all the stress that had been troubling you since the past few weeks. Things will definitely change for the better and you will see an improvement in your mood.

During this time, you will be at your creative best. This will be a good time to act on your brilliant ideas. Planning will help you make the most of your creative thoughts. Your artistic skills will be enhanced and if you happen to work in a creative field, you will see people noticing your work. This is the best time for planning all the changes that you want to make. You can implement these changes once Uranus turns direct again. Changes, if made during the retrograde phase, will not show the same results that they would during a direct phase of the planet. Another thing: don`t act impulsively on your urges. You may really want to do new things and experiment but it’s best to avoid such tendencies for the time being.

In your love life, too, you will want more freedom and space. You may get into an argument if your partner doesn`t give you enough breathing space. You will try your best to free yourself from everything that makes you feel tied up. Responsibilities and restrictions will have a negative impact on your mind as the rebellious planet Uranus influences you. Don`t let such feelings come between you and your mate. Be patient and listen to partner’s point of view first whenever you have an argument. The chances of engaging in reckless behavior are much higher during this period so take better care. Think twice before acting on your impulses and wait for Uranus to turn direct again to try something new.

Celebrity Cancer: Katrina Kaif

katrina-kaif-110a1Katrina Kaif was born on 16th July 1984 in Hong Kong. She is currently one of the highest paid actresses in India and has been voted the sexiest woman in a poll conducted by an Indian magazine. She made her debut with the movie Boom that was a box office disaster. But, she stayed on to achieve real success with the movie Namastey London. She has made a very successful career for herself in Bollywood now and has given many hits in a row since 2006. Personally, her relationship with Salman Khan has been a very controversial one. Katrina is a Cancer and her ruling number is 7. Her lucky days are Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The planet Neptune makes her highly imaginative. She is an easygoing and optimistic person. She is generous, emotional and sensitive at heart. She loves taking care of her family, and, being a Cancer woman she will be a perfect wife and a great mother. The year 2009 will turn out to be better than expected for her. She achieves success fairly easily and reaches new heights. Her fans love her and will continue doing so even in year 2009. However, she must make sure that she does not go on a signing spree this year. She must be careful regarding her health and not put too much pressure on herself. She will reap huge benefits from her professional life this year and will capitalize on all the opportunities that come her way. At the end of the year, she might take some rash decisions, which may not prove to be fruitful for her. She may also be confused with regard to her personal life this year.


Astro Kissing


Aries, your kisses are quick and passionate; fits of lustful pleasure that are there and then gone!


Taureans, your kisses linger; they are deliberate, heartfelt and they can go on and on and on!


Gemini, your kisses are interrupted by spasms of giggles, smiles and funny anecdotes!


Cancer, your kisses are warm and tender, and you never want to let them go!


Leo, your kisses are wild and uninhibited, biting and clawing; you expect applause for your performance!


Virgo, your kisses are so subtle and tidy, your lover only notices them once you’ve finished!


Libra, you kiss with an ardent passion and then like to linger for a while and begin again!


Scorpio, you are so passionate, you skip the kiss and get to straight… whatever comes next for you!


Sagittarius, your kisses are surprising, spontaneous affairs that leave the kissed wanting more!


Capricorn, your kisses are intense moments of sublime pleasure that is slow and lasting!


Aquarius, your kisses tend to be wet and messy; till you perfect them; and then no one can French kiss like you!


Pisces, your kisses are starry-eyed, amorous and long-lasting. You end one kiss, only to start on another!