IPL sensation Ajinkya Rahane


IPL sensation Ajinkya Rahane

Born on 5 June 1988, Ajinkya Rahane presently holds the orange cap in IPL T20 season 5. He is an opening batsman for Rajasthan Royals led by Rahul Dravid. 5 feet 6 inches tall Rahane has the capability of smashing the ball all over the stadium with his incredible timing and technique.

His orientation number is 1, which indicates that he is a natural leader, full of drive and determination. Since the beginning of IPL season 5, Ajinkya is showcasing his batting prowess. According to his orientation number he finds inner balance in sports activities. A look into his present profile, he is actually enjoying all the media attention. With his and IPL season 5’s first ton, he has managed to garner innumerous fans.

His consistency has put him on the top slot of highest scorers. Very well supported by fellow Royal Owais Shah, he doesn’t depend on power but relies on technique to execute his high flying shots. He is a risk taker. He often plays lofted shots in order to shoot the ball between the gaps.

His ruling number 5 lends him an individual streak and distinct style. On the field, during batting he is very calm and composed. He plays really well under pressure hence increasing the chances of Rajasthan Royals to enter the finals.

Rahane got a chance to prove his mettle when he was given an only opportunity in Under-16 Ranaji match on his father’s request to the coach of team Mumbai. In his first match he scored a century and led the match to a draw. Since then he has proved himself in many occasions. In the history of T20 cricket format, he is the only cricketer to hit six consecutive fours which proves his consistency. Apart from his impeccable batting skills, what makes him an asset to the team is his excellent fielding. He resists his opponents and compels them to think twice before going for a run if the ball is directed towards him.

Currently, one of the best players in World Cricket, 20-something Ajinkya has a long way to go. The nation has high hopes from this cricketing sensation and so far, he has lived up to expectations.



One comment on “IPL sensation Ajinkya Rahane

  1. nandlalkumar says:

    Ajinkya Rahane have a blast this ipl season.your websit have a good information about ipl
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