Predictions for Harbhajan Singh


 Predictions for Harbhajan Singh

The fun, the fever, the noise, the cheering crowds, er, cheer leaders are back once again. In short, the IPL mania returns. Also back with IPL 5 is our turbanator Harbhajan Singh urf Bhajji in action. Haven’t we missed him on the field?

This time, Bhajji enters the cricket field with added responsibilities. With Sachin Tendulkar handing over him the captainship of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League this season, he has dual roles to play. He has to contribute not only as a team member but also show his leadership skills.

Bhajji as a captain! Now, how well could a cricketer, who is rough and loud and whose controversies have overshadowed his bowling records, lead a side that has some of the world’s greatest cricketers? Well, this question runs through the quizzical mind of every cricket fan.

Is he the right choice? It may be too early to draw a conclusion on this but we already had a glimpse of him as a leader. He had successfully led the Mumbai Indians to Champions League Twenty20 triumph in 2011. So having already won a tournament, wouldn’t it be wrong to doubt his credibility as a captain?

Injuries and his inconsistent performance may hit roadblocks in his career, but undoubtedly he is still a menace for the batsmen. His opponents know very well how this turbanator can turn out to be a tornado, if it’s his day.

Astrologically speaking, Harbhajan (July 3, 1980) belongs to the sun sign Cancer with 3 as his ruling number. This number is governed by the Planet Jupiter. Born under this number, he will be lucky in financial matters and will get plenty of opportunities for career advancement. And indeed, he did get it!

From his bowling action being closely examined by ICC to facing the charge of being racist, this man has seen the worst. It is only through his perseverance and hard work that today; he has the second-highest number of Test wickets by an off spinner, behind Muttiah Muralitharan.

He is usually lucky in life. He is able to attract all that is good towards him. He is adaptable and multitalented (sometimes, he does let his bat do the talking). He has oodles of confidence and is self-reliant. His ambition, leadership and drive will always motivate him to strive for constant improvements in his professional life. Whether he sledged, slapped or called his opponent ‘Maa ki’ – hate him or love him but you can’t ignore Harbhajan Singh, who’s ever ready to give his best and ‘make it large’.


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