Your Weekly Horoscope: 22nd  – 28th June 2009


ariesBeing flexible and adapting to adverse changes in life is the key to overcoming them, should be your mantra this week. You should keep in mind that being optimistic is the most important thing…. Read more

TaurusThis week will be relatively calm for you due to the favourable impact of Saturn. You will be able to spend quality time with your friends and family and you will make the most of this time. An old……..Read more


GeminiThis week you will be inclined to be spiritual and display a tendency to be helpful to others due to the influence of the Sun and the Moon. You will find comfort in spiritual literature. Some of you may…..Read More

CancerDo not be frustrated if things do not move forward fast enough for you. You are bound to see the results of all the hard work that you have put in the past. Professionally this week is good……Read More

LeoThe favourable impact of the Moon ensures that this week will be brilliant for most of you as far as your career is concerned. Some of you might even have to consider moving to some other city……Read More


Overall this is a mixed week for you where you will see many ups as well as downs in your life. The presence of Rahu in your chart will make you go over your budget on all the unexpected things. Do not worry…..Read More

LibraThis week the influence of Rahu may make you feel mentally stressed out and irritable with little patience for anyone. You will be very moody which will confuse everyone around you and lead to disagreements ….. Read More

ScorpioThis week might be a bit difficult for you with misunderstandings cropping up both at work and at home due to the influence of Rahu. There might also be friction between you and your parents due to a major reason.  …… Read More

SagittariusThis week the position of Rahu indicates that you might struggle a bit as far as your personal relationships are concerned. You will be involved in a project that has to do with helping others and this will give you much …… Read More

CapricornThis week will be exhausting for you though not all bad with a few good things happening here and there. The influence of the Moon and Saturn will ensure that you get some excellent opportunities at work,.…..Read More

AcquariusThis week is good for everyone overall but especially for businesspeople due to the influence of Rahu and the Sun. You will enjoy peace of mind this week with everything happening exactly the way you had planned.  …..  Read More

PiscesThis week, it`ll be better not to commit something rather than disappoint someone later on. This week promises to be hectic due to the influence of Rahu and you may have to spend a lot of time at work….. Read More


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