Your Guide to Find the Best Astrologer In Delhi

Delhi is known as ‘Dilwalon ka shehar’ revering it’s kind-hearted and generous inhabitants. It’s a city rich with monuments, remains and landmarks of history which would make us proud of the great and diverse history of our motherland. Though it is one of the busiest and most populated metros in the country Delhiites are not taken aback from our rich culture and traditions by the tremendous modernisation which happened in the recent years. One such tradition which they stick onto is Vedic astrology and birth chart analysis by expert astrologers before taking any crucial step in life.

If you are an inhabitant and a follower of Vedic astrology, consider this as your guide for finding the best astrologers in Delhi. Before moving ahead we should understand and digest the fact that Vedic astrology should be devised only for getting insights about life and is not your window to the future. A good astrologer would always explain this to you before giving his suggestions, remedies or predictions. There are many astrologers in Delhi, but the question is how many are trustworthy and authentic. What may work for many may not work for you so you cannot go by a friend’s suggestion or it is not the best way to find a good astrologer in your city. Since there are very less official bodies or institutions to certify the credibility and prowess of an astrologer. The most effective matrix which one should look at is the number of lives in which the astrologer has made an impact. The collective opinion of many would obviously give us an insight into the astrologer’s credibility.

Online reviews and ratings of an astrologer are nothing but an index of the satisfaction level of clients after consulting an astrologer. This gives an unprecedented advantage to you if you break out of your skepticism for online consultation. Though there are still notions of receiving completely different looking products when compared to what was showcased on the e-commerce site, consulting service is something very different. Here the quality is qualified by the sheer satisfaction level of customers rather than fabric, plastic or technology used. Internet of things is pulling in all living and non-living things on the web and how can astrology and astrologers stand out. There are numerous astrology websites and mobile apps available today which doesn’t just feed you with daily horoscope or astrology related content but also offer real-time consultation with astrologers. Now another advantage for such consultation is that there are more privacy and comfort here compared to your face to face consultation. Obviously, astrology falls in that grey area for most millennial netizens (who are the TG for most of the astrology websites) and they don’t consider it very ‘cool’ to consult an astrologer, even online. So the privacy factor kind of assuages the nervousness and un-comfortableness for new users. Google does its job pretty well, so all you have to do is to type in best astrologer in your city online or online astrologer consultation on the search bar. You will get an array of websites to choose from. Choose the right one which you find user-friendly, convenient and trustworthy. Things to look out for are these: do they have qualified astrologers onboard? do they have a safe and secure payment gateway? are they showcasing the reviews and ratings of the astrologers alongside? That’s it you are good to go for an online consultation.


How Daily Horoscopes Are Made


Horoscopes are read by majority of people to find out what the future holds for them. They feel more empowered to deal with the unknown when they are mentally prepared to face those circumstances.

Horoscope for the native is prepared by using the position of the planets and stars with relation to one another, at the time of the native’s birth.

When writing general horoscopes for a number of people, Sun signs are taken into consideration. Such horoscopes give you a general idea of what kind of personality you have and predict significant events in your life.

Earlier, one had to be in the presence of an astrologer to find out what the future held for them. It was not feasible to check what the day would be like, as astrologers would only predict some of the major happenings in the native’s life.

Today, thanks to technology, one can read their horoscope on the smartphones by downloading apps that are very easily available on the internet. While many of these apps are paid ones, there are plenty of good apps that also provide free horoscope readings at the touch of the fingers. These horoscopes give daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions.

Daily horoscopes are updated on a daily basis and reading it at the start of the day can help one be prepared to face the day in a positive manner. An added charm to them is that these are free horoscopes.

An actual daily horoscope prediction is based on the movement of the moon as it is the fastest moving ‘astrological planet’. This is because the moon changes signs every two to two and a half days. The moon is considered the third most important ‘planet’ in an astrology birth chart, after the Sun and the ascendant.

Out of the various planets influencing our lives, it is the moon that has a strong influence on our moods and emotions. It alters an individual’s behaviour. So the Moon’s frequent transits, in turn, changes our moods and emotions from day to day, effecting our work and relationships. We are on our best behaviour and most spirited when we are cooperating with the energy of the moon. These days prove to be lucky, if one plans to start a relationship, go for an interview, apply for a raise etc . The authentic daily horoscopes are based on which house the moon is moving through, for the native’s sign.

Astrologers study the different cycles of the moon while writing the daily horoscope. The cycle of the moon as it goes through the twelve signs of the zodiac has a marked influence on both the individual and his/her environment and so does its cycle from full moon to full moon, which takes approximately 29 and half days to cover. Usually the waxing phases of the moon indicate that things are growing or new beginnings are taking place and the native has more energy than at other times. On the other hand, a waning moon indicates a time of decrease, a time when things will be ending and generally less energy for activities.

How Good Will Be 2018 for Each Numerology Number



Numerology is a divinatory art that believes in the mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. The numbers that are calculated keeping the name and date of birth of the native in mind are used by numerologists to guide him/her through their life. Numerology unlocks the door to the depths of our personality and apprises us of the challenges we can face at specific periods of our lives.

Natives can thus, use Numerology 2018 to find out how the year is going to fare for them. For that they have to know their personal number.

To calculate the numerology number for the year 2018, follow these simple steps-

The Universal number for 2018 is 2. This is calculated by adding the digits of the year(2+0+1+8=11=2). Add to this your date of birth + The number of your birth month.

For example, if Nutan is born on 15 th August, her personal number for 2018 will be – 15+8+2 = 25 = 7. 2018 Numerology will be a great guide for all natives according to their numbers. 

Numerology Number 1

According to Numerology 2018, there may be lots of change in your career, which will take you forward on the path of success. You just need to be realistic and practical. Tipping towards spirituality will make you more enlightened. 

Numerology Number 2

With a little bit of effort from your end, 2018 will be in your favour, Number 2. You will enjoy new relationships, but don’t let that be at the cost of old ones. Be prepared to face some challenges in your business or career. 

Numerology Number 3

Numerology 2018, predicts a great year for you. Make use of your sixth sense to guide you well. The surplus energy you will be blessed with this year, should be directed towards indulging in some old hobby that you only dreamt of till now. 

Numerology Number 4

A little bit of caution in dealing with, not only your job; but also your health, is advised this year. Be clear in your objective and leave no stone unturned for achieving the same. 

Numerology Number 5

Balance is needed in everything you do this year. Since you will be encountering a number of changes in 2018, be more open to receiving them and adjust accordingly for a fruitful career. 

Numerology Number 6

The year seems to open with social gatherings and family functions. You need to be able to adjust in them well as these will occupy a better part of 2018. For those in love, the year could bring good news.

Numerology Number 7

With a little bit of effort, you will be able to make the year a memorable one. Just remember to divide your interest well between work and family.

Numerology Number 8

2018 Numerology predicts a year of hard work for Number 8. Though the outcome would be much favourable than it has been for the past few years, you will have to manage with less time for relaxation. 

Numerology Number 9

Spend a little time this year in charity and humanitarian activities as in Numerology, the 9-year cycle repeats itself with 9 as the end of the cycle. So, ruminate on the past mistakes this year and plan accordingly for the future.

What Does Each Card Mean for You in 2018?


Tarot reading, which is a form of divination, can be used for guidance, for getting insights for problems, for actions to be taken and also for meditation. Thus, to get a little help about what the new year may have in store for you and what best action you can take to make the most of the year, Tarot 2018 offers a great guide. The Universal energy that is associated with the tarot deck, helps in giving accurate tarot readings, when used correctly.

For personal growth in the next year, Tarot 2018 reveals that there will be shifting relationship with your own self. You need to take time out to reflect on your deep seated values and how you should react to any situation in life. The tarot cards ask you to reconsider who you are and act accordingly. As the year progresses, so will things become clear to you.

So, from the beginning of the year, month by month, till the end; Tarot 2018, foretell the following-

The ‘Lovers’ in the tarot deck, encourages you to respect your own self as much as you respect the relations around you. Achievement of inner harmony will only be possible when a balance is struck between honouring your own self as much as you honour others.

The ‘Strength’ card suggests that you will approach the world with more compassion and understanding if you are in peace with yourself.

‘Justice’ encourages you to explore personal balance further and right any wrongs so that the scale doesn’t tip too far and throws us off balance and off our chosen course.

The reversed ‘Tower’ suggests that you should be prepared to face certain changes, in order to move forward.

The reversed ‘World’ implies that if you are not prepared to face changes, you may not be able to keep the balance. Change is necessary for evolution.

The ‘Judgement’ nudges you by the mid-year, to strive more seriously for clarity and redemption, if we want to live up to our full potential.

The ‘Hanged Man’, reminds you again that for a greater purpose in life, we must let go of our old ways and seek fresh perspectives to chalk out a path towards our goal.

The reversed ‘Emperor’ suggests that you could be unnecessarily throwing your weight around people and tipping the scales too much on one side. A little care needs to be taken on how others are treated.

The ‘Death’ card implies that we are now ready to face the world in a new improved self, by letting go of the old ideas and manifestations.

By autumn, the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ will reveal how we need not have felt threatened by the changes, as they are part of life.

The ‘High Priestess’ implores you to focus on knowledge and intuition, as the year starts coming to an end. This can then be used to guide you better in the years to come.

The year ends on a good note with ‘The Empress’, as you will create in yourself, reliable strength and understanding of the fluctuations of existence.

Where to Find the Best Tarot Forecast for 2018


Most of us like to plan ahead for what’s coming up or at least would love to know the right path to take, when we are at a cross-road. Tarot reading provides us with an inner guidance, helping to link up rational thinking with our intuition for right and wrong.

Good clairvoyants use the tarot as a tool to help us plan and align our goals. Tarot 2018 can help check in around the current energies for the current year and help you manifest your goals and turn them into positive achievements.

What earlier involved sitting across a table with a Clairvoyant now is just a touch away on your smartphone. Tarot reading never got so much easier. When you download a good app for tarot reading, you can conveniently use the Tarot 2018 for guidance through the year. These apps are budget-friendly and easy to use even by the most technologically challenged. Many of these apps are also free. But free apps, while claiming to be so, many times pull a fast one, and once you get started, ask you to pay for an upgrade.

So, make sure you have a good app downloaded on your smartphone for Tarot reading.  But how does one know which is a good app and where do we find it?

As you surf through the various apps, look for the rating that it has garnered. A good app for Tarot reading should be rated between 4-5 stars. These apps will provide you with ample information, not just on the Tarot cards, but on the different spreads, too. So, they should have features like single-card tarot reading (helps in problem solving), three-card tarot reading (helps provide answers with the help of your past and present situation), love tarot reading, wellness tarot readings, State-of-mind tarot readings (helps understand your mental health), weekly, monthly and yearly tarot readings.

Thus, you can seek answers related to any aspect of your life, by tapping on to the concerned feature. Whether it is about your career, some confusion about your love life, whether marriage is soon on the cards for you, a health issue which you may not want to discuss with any one else, family disputes, financial fiascoes and anything that you are apprehensive about.  The identity of the querent is always kept private. And at the same time, the app allows you the liberty of sharing your reading with anyone you want.

When you download such good apps, you also get free predictions for the week, sent on your smartphone, so that you are better placed to handle the coming week, every week, through the year.

Good Tarot sites have a number of experienced Tarot readers on their panel. so that you can pick a reader of your choice and in case you want to approach another reader, you are not charged extra. Also, you don’t have to fix an appointment, since there is always some reader available on the panel, 24*7.

Your Horoscope Readings for 2018


As the new year is just around the corner, most wait in anticipation of what it would bring for them. Would the ‘much-awaited’ promotion materialise or would those major planetary transits work in their favour to culminate ‘that’ relationship on a long lasting note?

While the predictions of horoscope 2018, give a generalised forecast for the year, daily horoscopes give a more focused reading, helping you gear up for what the day holds for you.

2018 horoscope for the year, opens with a powerful Mars/Jupiter conjunction with Scorpio, that will keep you focused about what you want in life. You will have energy to bring some long decided career plans into motion, while at the same time having time to enjoy social interactions.

Horoscope 2018 holds promises of lots of fun coupled with remarkable progress.

Modern astrology divides the Zodiac signs into four groups, on the basis of elements — 

  1. a) Fire Signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  1. b) Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  1. c) Air Signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
  1. d) Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The Fire signs will remain active through out 2018. They can check their daily horoscope for being prepared to be on the move; either while taking decisions in their work or moving from one place to another.

Aries need to work hard and be cautious while spending money. Leo could be travelling a lot and need to take care of their health alongside. Sagittarius could even be settling abroad and although their career shows an upward graph, they could be facing cut-throat competition in the process.

The Earth signs will remain stable through the year 2018. They can follow their daily horoscope to check the movement of the planets to make practical use of every single day.

Taurus needs to make sure he doesn’t lose his temper and make rash decisions in career or relationships.

Horoscope 2018 of Virgo predicts that they will get many leads this year, which would lead them up a path of success, if they don’t overlook them. Capricorns need to be focussed and work on their talents and skills. They should avoid misunderstandings in relationships to avoid complications.

The Air signs seem to have drawn the lucky card in 2018. The year seems to be positive through out and they will be inspired to make the right moves. Stalled romance would make a come back and emotional commitments would re-surface.

Gemini’s would have excellent energy level but they need to be cautious of their spoken word. Libra will be able to divide their time well between work and pleasure and Aquarius will get that recognition they deserved, this year.

2018 Horoscope for the Water signs predicts that their sensitive and psychic ability will help them make the right decisions through the year.

Cancer’s need to stay positive and use the money intelligently which they could be receiving in 2018.  Scorpions need to be a little more tolerant and make better use of opportunities thrown their way. Pisces need to practice patience and keep expectations low.

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Your Tarot Forecast for 2018


Tarot reading uses a deck of Tarot cards, which are typically 78 in number. These cards were earlier used as a deck for playing cards and are today used as a powerful tool for fortune-telling and a divine way of revealing the truth about one’s life. Tarot 2018 will help you be prepared as to what the New Year has in store for you. Getting your Tarot reading with the help of a good clairvoyant, will help you gain insight, get clarity, find resolution and edge towards that transformation you are aiming for in 2018.

A 7-card spread can be used for reading Tarot 2018 and see what it forecasts for you and if one wants to get deeper insight, a 10-card Celtic Cross tarot reading can be done.


2018 urges you to let go of your past and move forward this year to make the best for your career or a new relationship, in case the old one is not working.


Believe in yourself in 2018 and Lady-luck will be waiting around the corner to introduce you to the right people. Take some time out to exercise to maintain your health.


Tarot reading for you predicts a fruitful year, provided you work hard for it. Recognise your bad habits and improve or let go of them.


Tarot 2018 predicts that you have left your worst behind and things will start looking better this year. Be prepared for better opportunities and more socialising.


A little patience is required this year. Things will all work out finally. Use the year to explore your creative side. Be careful of your health, specially your skin and stomach.


A year to retrospect on your past, what you plan ahead and how to go about it. You need to have some patience and not rush matters. Try changing your course of path for a better result.


Your USP this year would be clarity of thought, speech and action. You will be firm in your decisions and won’t allow people to misuse you like earlier. Things will be positive on the personal front; if not married, marriage is on cards and if married, there could be an addiction to the family.


You need to concentrate on making some much required changes, either in your family life or in your health. Let go of any grudges you may be holding against some people. It’s important to keep the mind at peace sometimes.


2018 will go smoothly for you, provided you plan well for it. The year is going to be a real busy one and you need to delegate duties carefully so that you are not burdened with too much work yourself.


You will discover a new ‘hidden you’ in the coming months. Don’t get anxious when certain skeletons fall out of the cupboard. Get out of any hibernation you may want to settle in.


Tarot 2018 predicts that you have ‘arrived’ in life. All the hard work you did till now, will start repaying you with good results. Even on the personal front, things look rosy.


Get a little hold on your moods and sensitivity in the coming months. Engage yourself in active cities that will promote your expertise in your career.

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