Tarot Reading Explained In Detail

tarotToday, everybody is familiar with the terms Tarot card reading and Free Tarot reading. What was once discussed behind closed doors in hushed tones, is now out in the open and used with confidence by all age groups. The Free Tarot Reading App on the smartphones has helped popularise this oldest form of fortune telling.

The origin of Tarot card reading is still a debatable topic. While some scholars agree that it may have originated from ancient Egyptian tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, there are others who swear by the Chaldeans secret texts. Still others trace its roots to the gypsies who travelled through the continent during the Middle Ages because of which Tarot card reading is still associated with images of gypsy women in closed, smoke filled room, bent over crystal balls, pronouncing people’s fates.

But everyone agrees on one point that Tarot card reading is a mystical knowledge that has survived for more than seven hundred years, which like all bodies of esoteric knowledge, can never be fully understood.

Tarot reading has been used for self-discovery, to gain clarity while moving forward in life with encouragement, support and love. It helps to identify with those areas in our life that needs improvement, helps find peace by overcoming our struggles, gives you new insights into your life so you can decide on that difficult decision and teaches you how to nurture your relationships.

There are many different kinds and sizes of Tarot decks available and the reader can choose whichever deck she/he is most comfortable with. They are stored lovingly and with great care as they are very sensitive and pick up and respond to the energies of anyone who touches them.

The Tarot deck is composed of seventy-eight cards, divided into two parts-The Major Arcana (consisting of twenty-two cards) and the Minor Arcana (consisting of fifty-six cards). The Major Arcana cards is an illustrated course in self-development, depicting a scene; a journey from innocence to enlightenment. The Minor Arcana cards describe everyday matters, experiences and events over which you have control and is divided into four suits-wands, pentacles, cups and swords.

There are many different ways of spreading the card and the spread is used depending on the situation or problem that is being dealt with. Once you decide on a spread, you need to shuffle the deck properly and then cut the deck with your left hand into three piles of any size. Rebuild the deck using a different sequence and then deal out the cards in the spread you wanted. Tarot card reading is done using intuition to interpret the picture opened before you. The cards seem to speak to an experienced reader such that the reader is able to guide the client to make correct decisions.

Experienced Tarot card readers today, are available at the touch of your finger on the smartphones you use, thanks to technology. The Free Tarot Reading App can be down loaded easily and can be used daily for consultation before deciding on any important issues.


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