Tarot Reading is Adapting to Modern Era


Tarot reading is an ancient occult which has survived centuries of moulding to emerge stronger and more popular every time. What started as a deck of cards for playing, became a tool for seeing one’s life and present path from a different point of view using intuition. Tarot readings are a reflection of existing energies surrounding a person. It is capable of shining light on the darkest corner of the human soul and guiding a person to make proper choices, avoiding obstacles, as he moves along life’s path.

Earliest record of the tarot cards are believed to have been made in 1392 for King Charles VI. But the authentic ones date to the beginning of 15th century in Milan. They were designed by the Visconti and Visconti-Sforza families.

Some historians are of the opinion that tarot cards could have originated from China, as cards were used there as early as in the 10th or 11th century. Some swear by Egypt, but lack of evidence makes the theory assumptive.

The Rider-Waite deck, the most popular of the tarot cards was invented in 1910 and it used ideas and symbols from true Kabbalah and Hermeticism including the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The Tarot deck is composed of 78 cards, divided into two parts – The Major Arcana(consisting of 22 cards) and The Minor Arcana(consisting of 56 cards). These are dealt to create a forecast of a person’s situation in life. The illustrations and titles used may seem to be from a different era to the seeker today, but they easily apply to modern life and its upto a good tarot reader to relate to the cards with his intuition.

Although Tarot reading has always been about the ‘tactile’ relation between the cards, seeker and reader, now it has evolved with time, and become net friendly in this modern world of social networking. Innumerable free tarot reading apps are available on the net for the media savvy audience. The only thing to watch out for, is a good app verses a bad one.

Some free tarot reading apps which have proved to be good are:

  • The Fool’s Dog, LLC – iOS and Android – This app is good as it uses ten different decks and gives you a chance to create an intuitive bond with the cards, before you start dealing with the one you like.
  • Phuture Me Ltd – iOS – This app is also great as it provides an added bonus of Numerology thrown in. The tarot section incorporates the numerology themes and makes the reading more interesting.
  • Golden Thread Tarot(Tina Gong) – iOS and Android – This is wonderfully designed to be a fun and mobile companion to the Tarot, with a custom built log, serving as Tarot journal. One also has the option to use a physical deck, instead of a digital one.
  • Android users can also try the Galaxy Tone, if they are looking for more options.

Like most bodies of esoteric knowledge, probably tarot reading too, can never be understood and explained fully, either face to face or through a digital media, but apps have the advantage of being economical and maintaining secrecy of a seeker.



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