The Truth About Horoscope Readings


Horoscope columns have subscriptions from all over the world and they reach us through emails, RSS feeds, SMS, free daily horoscope apps and all other possible sources of mass communication. The question is how good or relevant are these free daily horoscope readings. If you are an avid reader of these horoscope columns, there are certain things that you must know:

The Tonality:

No horoscope provider wants you to be upset about what you read in their horoscope column. Moreover, nobody loves to hear bad news and no such horoscope reading will be appreciated. So rule number one for the astrologer or content writer while writing daily, weekly or monthly horoscope is to keep the reader happy. Spread some positivity and good news; skip or manipulate the bad news. If you talk only about rainbows and butterflies in your daily horoscope, then it won’t take much time for the reader to click the unsubscribe button. You need to be a pro at the balancing art here, though the overall tonality should be positive, it should also sound realistic after all everybody is not having a good time out there.

The Relevance:

How much insights can a free daily horoscope reading app provide you about your destiny? If it is too good then it won’t be free, right? Even if it is free, how can it be good for over all those people who share the same zodiac sign. For instance, a Taurean from the US may be enjoying his vacation at the Miami Beach, but another one from Uganda would be finding it hard to get a meal. Not any daily horoscope has got the power to reverse the sufferings of millions around the world irrespective of their zodiac signs. So this doesn’t work like that, astrology is a science and it is true. But no astrologer can provide you with an accurate horoscope for the whole of a zodiac sign. So the relevance of these readings is an issue here.

The Source:

It’s not easy to find an expert astrologer. Simply because an astrologer is somebody who can provide insights about one’s future. Who wouldn’t want that service, if at least 10 percent of the astrologers would have been genuine, it would have been such a relief. The truth is that astrology is a vast science and is very advanced. In order to come up with an accurate astrological prediction, one should analyze various aspects of a horoscope and then come up with the compounded effect of these individual aspects. Tough job, and too complicated, now one who could do this most probably wouldn’t be employed with a daily horoscope provider because he would be surrounded by clients.

To conclude we can say that a free daily horoscope reading will not assuage your anxieties and concerns. If you are looking for answers, then a personalized horoscope analysis by an expert astrologer might help, again the authenticity of the astrologer is the key here.  Daily horoscope readings are nothing more than your daily dose of entertainment. It’s up to you to decide whether you choose to be entertained by the free daily horoscope readings or seek answers from an expert astrologer.


How Relevant are Daily Horoscope Columns

aWe are all avid readers of horoscope columns. We read them from newspapers, websites, free daily horoscope apps, newsletters or from anywhere we could find them. Obviously who is not curious about their future?  The base for all horoscope readings is astrology, and the interest of the masses in horoscope readings is a fact that substantiate the belief that public have in Astrology. But have we ever thought about the authenticity and genuineness of these readings. Well, whenever you get the notification for ‘today’s horoscope’ rather than rushing to read the content we should also check about the source of the content, because, it is too easy to frame a horoscope reading with a couple of astrological jargons here and there and then spread it through the zillion content publishing platforms.

With the ubiquitous smart phones occupying everyone’s pocket nowadays free daily horoscope apps have been very famous. You don’t have to take the pain of turning over the newspaper pages to find today’s horoscope when it is delivered to your smartphone with a smart notification which would probe you to check out the horoscope report for the day. How convenient? Most horoscope columns are filled up with good and positive news because they don’t want to turn off their readers with negativity. However, to sound genuine they would sprinkle some caution and precautions for the reader.

If we take a deeper look at the horoscope readings, you will find that they will be quoting some common instances which have high probabilities to happen in their life no matter which zodiac sign they belong to. For example if a horoscope reading says that “it’s a good time to open up about your love” the writer can be sure that a fair population amongst his young reader base would relate to this prediction because life is the same across the zodiac wheel.

astroYogi is one of the finest Vedic astrology portal in the country. The horoscope readings from us are written by the most expert Vedic astrologers who carefully analyze the planetary transits, conjunctions, retrogression and progressions before coming out with their horoscope readings. The accuracy and authenticity of these horoscope readings are the reason why we are the proud content partners for many big brands like Yahoo, MSN, dailyhunt, Vodafone etc. We have come up with our free daily horoscope app which is available on Google play store for android users. You can read your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope from this great app. The best part is that this app is absolutely free and it provides you with the most comprehensive horoscope readings which talks about different domains of life like, love, health, finance and career.

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Tarot Reading explained by astroYogi

tarot_true-loveTarot reading has been devised for centuries to get insights about people’s destiny and future. Love tarot reading has been specifically used to get more insights about one’s love life. Love is one of the most important things in one’s life. To love and be loved is one of the basic necessities of life. But finding the right match and then forging a strong relationship is seldom an easy task mainly because of the complexity of human nature, beliefs, culture and expectations. But when you are in true love that feeling creates an aura or energy which communicates with the universe. Love tarot reading capitalizes on this particular energy to seek answers for your burning questions.

An expert Tarot reader who does love tarot reading will explain the inside meanings of Tarot Cards and the aspects of your love life which they signify. Love is not easy, it may look like a losing game at certain point of time but if you have the right guidance and determination you can win all battles. That is why tarot card reading can help you when you are stuck. An expert tarot reader’s insights can direct you on how to bring about the changes which you want to see in your love life. But it is important to have a faith in it, and you should seek answers to your questions by peeling off the layers of doubt that cloud your judgment.

Tarot readers use different varieties of card decks for tarot readings across the world. The types of cards, the suits and their meanings remains uniform for most tarot readers but there is a huge variation in the illustrations used. These card decks are based on different themes like animals, nature, dragons, etc. For love tarot reading the most commonly used tarot deck will have the following minor arcana cards: The Pentacles, the sword, the wands and the cups.

Two major methods that are used in tarot reading worldwide, if we classify it by the interpretations derived by the tarot reader from the cards used. In the first method, each card and the depictions on it would have a defined meaning, but in the second method the meaning of each card is subjective to the interpretation and instincts of the Tarot reader and the particular query during the love tarot reading session. Another way of classifying tarot reading method is by the questions asked by the Tarot reader – First method is Question readings: where the tarot reader asks a specific question is addressed and Open readings: where a general question is asked to the client by the tarot reader. Tarot readers uses their instincts and abilities, along with the energy and aura of your love to connect with the universe and then come up with a solution or guidance.