Calf with three eyes: Re-incarnation of Lord ‘Shiva’?

calf with three eyesRecently, a calf born with a third eye in Kolathur village of Tamil Nadu, India has become the center of attention around the world. Though some people have been arguing that it might be a deformity that resembles the eye but, call them believers or superstitious, the Hindu villagers believe that the calf is the re-incarnation of the Hindu God ‘Lord Shiva’. The owner of the calf said- ‘This is a miracle calf and will bring good luck and fortune’. She is openly welcoming anyone who wants to have look of the calf or wants to get the blessings by touching her forehead. Though the calf has not shown any signs of miracle or possessing the powers like Lord Shiva still this two- weeks old calf has gained a lot of devotees from Kolathur and other villages near it.


calf with 3 eyes

Is this Calf a re-incarnation of Lord Shiva? Or the third eye is just a deformity which resembles the eye but doesn’t function like an organ? What is your stake at this?