Quick Facts About Palm Reading

palm reading logoPalm reading has been practiced in India since ancient times as a science to predict future events. It has its roots in Indian astrology. The lines etched on the palm are studied in order to understand the native’s personality traits and future and past events. A lot can be understood about the person based on the shape of his thumb, fingers, hands and even the nails! There is a meaning attached to each unique hand shape.

The major lines which are studied in palm reading are the heart line, head line, life line, fate line, child line, marriage line and travel lines, etc. Mounts too play an important role in palm reading. Each mount takes its name after a planet and signifies a different personality feature. In females, the right hand is used to study what a woman is born with and the left hand signifies what she has accumulated throughout her life. In males, the left hand is used to study what a person is born with and the right hand signifies what the man has accumulated through his experiences in life. This thought differs across schools of astrology. Palm Reading practice in Egypt is a lot different from the beliefs in India. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to understanding this science.


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