What Makes Gemini Venkaiah Naidu a go-getter?

M.-Venkaiah-Naidu2While recalling the fanfare that was the swearing-in ceremony of central ministers just the last month, this middle aged man who came in a lungi stands out in the memory; The Union Minister with a receding hairline and expanding waistline, who had been given too many ministries-Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty alleviation and Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. Yes, the minister in focus is Mr. Venkaiah Naidu. His plate seems too full so it might be a good idea to examine how much of workload he might actually have, i.e. the real challenges that his ministries have to tackle.

First, urban planning. As was thrown in sharp contrast by the recent accidental demise of Gopinath Munde, road planning and designing need attention. Residents of the fabled urban areas of India know the issues with sewage disposal, residential properties’ planning, unplanned flyovers, etc. and a traveler only needs to be asked hoe precisely mapped our cities are. All these issues relate to the security and ease of life for the people and directly affect the productivity of the nation’s workforce.

Second, urban poverty is seen each citizen of this great country and yet remains unseen. Sensitizing people to this misfortune of others, finding homes for the homeless and most important of all, plugging the inflow of migrant workers from rural areas and ensuring that the existing ones get their due rights-all of these remain important tasks to quell the discomfort in people due to income inequalities. These tasks will require co-ordination between various ministries-HRD, Home, Rural Development, Women and Child Development to name a few. Most ministers holding this portfolio in the past have been gross failures when it came to handling these sensitive issues-not to mention these are sentimental issues for the populace and require delicate handling. Thus, Mr. Naidu has his task cut out for him.

Last, this old hand of BJP would have to ensure that the government manages the affairs of the house well. In layman’s language it means that the house works at least some of the days and no tables/chairs/footwear are exchanged between the honorable members.

Gemini’s are famous for being indecisive and having a poor focus, so this Gemini male might be of little help with small issues requiring a closer view of things, like erecting mirrors on sharp road turns or covering manholes but since this sun sign is affable and a convincing speaker, it may be assumed that issues like urban poverty alleviation that require inter-ministry co-ordination will be handled quite well. The ruling number 1 and luck number 4 make Mr. Naidu someone who is always ready to do something new and make him a go-getter. This means that the minister may be able to find innovative ways of attracting MPs to the parliament and pay attention! All in all interesting times are expected ahead in these ministries, since the old, tough challenges have met an equally seasoned, tough politician with an interesting astrological and numerological profile.


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