Wedding bells for Aftab Shivadasani

aftab-nin1Weddings in India are the biggest productions ever. There is the bride, the bridegroom, the tons of money spent and the flashiness, enough to turn someone blind. Now who in India is allowed to keep a wedding secret? A certain type of extremely asocial, loners (who sum up to zero) maybe allowed to do so; not someone like Aftab Shivadasani who stole hearts and made the audience laugh loads in Grand Masti.
A flying sparrow had mellifluously sung about a week back that Aftab has married his long-time girlfriend Nin Dussanj, the younger sister of Kabir Bedi’s girlfriend (what a gene pool!). Now that he has come out and accepted that he is indeed married and has done so in a very hush-hush manner, most of the neighborhood aunties are too upset! But not to worry, Aftab has also revealed that he would be hosting a grand reception once he is back from his honeymoon.
Due to his longtime presence in Bollywood, a lot is known about this dimpled heartthrob but the lady is albeit an unknown entity. As per sources, Nin has been working for the past six years in Hong King as a consultant. They apparently met each other via a common friend and hit it off at the first meeting itself. Though Nin has been spotted with Aftab at various points in time, both the parties had kept their lips totally sealed about their plans for the future. Unsurprisingly, the nuptial were a surprise.
Also, the dreamy-eyed boy has set numerous tongues wagging with the secrecy that is being maintained about the honeymoon destination. Is it somewhere in the Caribbean? Bora Bora Islands? The city of Love, Paris? Or some entirely new and exotic location altogether? Well, one can only guess! There is no clarity on where the couple has decided to settle down post their honeymoon, or whether they have decided on any one location yet or not.
While one guesses, it is worth finding out, why such secrecy? Aftab’s birthdate of June 25, 1978 makes his sun sign Cancer with ruling number 7 and luck number 2. The moody, protective and suspicious Cancer when coupled with the fierce sense of privacy that comes with ruling number 7, gives rise to a person who protects his privacy at all costs. So far, Aftab seems to be fitting the description. His profile is quite telling when it comes to his wedded life ahead. Cancerians are emotional and loving while the ruling number makes them loyal too-all in all good signs! But enough Bollywood marriages have been seen going the wrong way, so it is advisable to not put any money on it! Although it would have been great to find out about Nin, her personality and the chances of this marriage working out if her birthdate was known, but this fact is as guarded as American state secrets! Having said this, wishing this comedian-cum-actor the best ahead; both for his personal as well as professional life.


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