Scorpio is known for her seductive ways

#Scorpio is known for her seductive ways. It’s impossible to ignore her when she’s in the room.


Vaastu Tips for Your New Home

 bar basement luxury estate homeWhenever we look for a house/flat, we prefer its architecture to be such that it attracts maximum positive vibes. You would certainly not desire to stay at a place, where affording a peaceful sleep after the day’s long hard labour is practically a Herculean task! The process of transforming a flat into a home requires a lot of efforts and nothing can be better than adopting the concept of Vaastu Shastra. Following Vaastu tips does not make us superstitious or “not so modern”; in fact, Vaastu multiplies all the healthy and affirmative forces into our paradise. Nobody wants unnecessary disturbance and chaos because of the wrong inflow of energies.

Mostly for selling purposes, some builders and property dealers assert the house of your choice to be totally in accordance to Vaastu Shashtra. But, it need not be necessary that the stated claim always holds true everywhere. Before purchasing or renting a place, we must enquire about the Vaastu of any house. The correct Vaastu prevents all sorts of negativity or evil powers like black-magic away from your place. If you are not very thorough with the ancient Indian doctrine of Vaastu Shashtra, then read this article which aims at providing you the essential tips that will help you bring peace and prosperity into your abode.

Some basic tips to brush up your knowledge regarding this age old Vedic practice are:
1. Start with the ritual of griha pravesh puja once you have purchased the flat. This ceremony marks an auspicious beginning, as it removes all the negative, harmful forces.
2. The primary thing is the entrance point, from where the positive energies will be directed into your home. It should be in the east, the direction from where the Sun rises, thereby, emitting light and positivity in your house. If the house that you like is not exactly in the east, then you can even opt for north, northeast or simply put a Hanuman tile outside the main door.
3. South-East direction is ideally considered good for the kitchen. This location is also apt for placing gas-stove and other electronic gadgets. However, ensure that the kitchen is not directly opposite to the front door.
4. The puja room should be in the northeastern part. And the study room adjoining the puja room is considered to be very good.
5. The master bedroom should be in the south west as per Vaastu principles. This promotes trouble-free sleep. Also, prefer it be rectangular or square in shape. In case you have a duplex flat, make the master bedroom on the topmost floor.
6. If you are confused regarding allotting rooms, then prefer the guest room as well as the children’s room in the north-west, store-room in the south and the living room in south, west or northwest direction for good luck and fortune.
7. Lastly, toilets should be either in the north-west or south east direction. A small reminder (which you are very well aware of) is that it should not be next to the prayer room, study room or kitchen.
Follow the above guidelines, and you are all set to make a new start into your happy home…