Traits and Personality of the Zodiac Sign – Aquarius

ImageThose born between January 20th and February 18th come under the zodiac sign, Aquarius. Symbolized by a water bearer, it represents the community of mankind. Here are the basic details of the Aquarians:

Elements: Air

Eleventh House: Future

Key Planet: Uranus

Biggest Strength: Eclectic way of seeing things

Potential Weakness: Know-it-all attitude puts others off

Basic Characteristics: Witty, clever, creative, mocking, rebellious, indifferent, caring, obstinate

Here are the niceties about those born under this zodiac sign:

Intelligent: This is the first of many super characteristics of an Aquarian. They are quite intelligent individuals. Even the laziest ones manage to achieve amazing results with very little effort. They know how to work and what will work for them. This trait makes them prominent in the crowd.

Rational: Aquarians are the textbook example of rational thinking. They can be romantic but tend to come off as cold and disconnected. They are practical. They aren’t super interested in relationship related dramas.

Innovative: They are creative, innovative and driven and are always with new ideas and thoughts. They love to make their own decisions and plan their own moves which make this sign a good leader.

Honest: In both personal life and professional life, Aquarians are very honest people. They can be the loyal friends or partners. This quality makes a relationship into a long-term commitment. This is the special trait that makes an Aquarian a great companion.

Well-spoken: Aquarians are very well-spoken people. Even the most shyish person can be a good speaker once their subjects of interests are mentioned. No matter how little or much they talk, their words always attracts the listeners.

Spontaneous: They are impulsive and do not take much time to react to anything. Always listening to their instinct without thinking about its consequences is one main quality of a person born under this sun sign.

Impartial: It’s one of the great characteristic of people born under this zodiac sign. They are not easily swayed but people with this sign will admit when you are right or wrong.

Eccentric: They love crowd but never follow them. They are unique, independent and love to do things in their own ways and style.

Here are the general horoscope predictions of Aquarians:

Love/ Compatibility Horoscope: Aquarian women are sensual and feminine while males are usually passionate lovers. They can be unemotional and aloof at times. Relation with Aquarius can be strenuous to people as sensitivity and emotions don’t make the base for this sign. They are most compatible with Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Career Horoscope: Because of humanitarian nature, they can find a great success in the field of medical. As they are inventive and imaginative and constantly look for intellectual stimulants, they can become a great researcher, scientists and discoverers.


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