Signs She’s Into You


Understanding of signs, cues and body language is an important part of dating and the initial phase when you start seeing someone, it’s the signs that play an all-important role. Is she into me? Does she even like me? These thoughts plague your mind but instead of dwelling upon these things, take a peek below and find out astrologically how she’ll express if she’s into you.

Aries – If she’s an Aries, you are in luck! This woman is not the shy kind who sends mixed signals your way. If she says she likes you, which she will if she’s into you. She will call you and will want to spend time with you and may even take charge of the whole situation. She will appear cheerful and smile a lot more in your presence.

Taurus – Taurus is a caring sign and the moment she realizes it’s you she wants, she’ll give her all to you and will be her affectionate best. She will not pester you with calls and demands to spend time with her but her actions will reveal how deeply she feels for you. In private and in someplace secluded, you will see a different side to her personality. She will be sweeter and gentler towards the one she loves.

Gemini – The Gemini woman likes to flirt and will appear sexy, just for you! She will dress better and will be eager to spend time with you. She would constantly remain in touch over the phone, through email or messages. She loves her gadgets and you too! You will be greeted with a throaty laughter and she’ll go the whole nine yards to make you feel special.

Cancer – Not the easiest of signs to read! If the girl you are in love with is a Cancer, expect her to reveal how she feels about you only when you show her you care. She wouldn’t be the first to show her true feelings. Warm smiles and affectionate gazes are giveaways with this sign.

Leo – Leo is an all or nothing kinda girl and the moment she realizes she’s into you, she’ll do all she can to let you know she wants you. She finds it hard to control her excitement and is extremely expressive when it comes to revealing her true feeling. You don’t need to look for subtle gestures in her case, she’ll speak her mind!

Virgo – Is she being extremely sweet to you? Showering you with attentive expressions and compliments? With Virgo love is serious business and when she’s in love with someone, she’s straightforward and never wears her heart on her sleeve. She’ll keep measuring you up on dates and if you find her studying you too intently, take that as a sign of her interest in you.

Libra – She draws everyone around her naturally but when she meets the love of her life, she has eyes only for her man. If she drops all work and pleasures aside to be with you, take that as a sign of her being in love with you. She’ll be fair and caring and will not play with your emotions. If she sees no future with you, she’ll not spend her time flirting with you.

Scorpio – It’s next to impossible when it comes to understanding what the Scorpio woman wants. Does she know what she wants? We are not too sure about that either. Her feelings are nicely masked and she revels in secrecy. You’ll never know with this woman. She may love you from the depths of her heart and may start avoiding you completely. But, if she really loves you, she’ll come back one day and see if there’s a future for you together and commit for life.

Sagittarius – The Sagittarius woman is playful and fun and if she likes you, you will find her flirting with you and regaling you with double meaning talk. It’s exciting and the thrills of a new relationship are felt in full force with the adventure loving Sagittarius woman. It’s you who needs to keep up and show that you are into her and how deeply you care about her.

Capricorn – Capricorn is a homely sign and when she falls for someone, she’s looking for the long run. She’ll rarely flirt but will slowly reveal in her own unique way that she cares. She be gentler and more sensitive around you, if she feels you are the one for her.

Aquarius – Aquarius women are charming and mysterious. It’s hard to understand her and it’s better if you don’t try. It’s take it or leave it with this woman. You will find it hard to resist her. Just play along and see where it goes. If you hit it off, you will have many interesting conversations and she’ll stimulate you mentally as well.

Pisces – The Pisces woman is extremely sensitive and she wants someone capable of protecting her. If she acts shy or lets you take the lead, she’s hinting towards a possible romance. She may leave nice, thoughtful messages for you on the phone and let you know you are on her mind.


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