Kangana celebrates her birthday on March 20th

kangana-ranaut2Kangana Ranaut, the very talented starlet has been impressive from the get go. Her first movie in Bollywood, Gangster won her rave reviews and her performance was loved by all.  Born on 20th March 1987, in the sleepy state of Himachal Pradesh, the offbeat and daring Kangana quickly made a mark for herself in Bollywood, and won numerous awards in a very short span of time.  Her unconventional looks and impressive acting capabilities have helped her gain success and land important parts in movies.

After her debut film Gangster‘s success, it didn’t take long for her career to take flight and directors realized her potential as an actress and soon she was seen in movies essaying pivotal roles. Woh Lamhe that released the same year in which her debut film released was a major box office success too, and since then there has been no turning back the petite bombshell. Her curly locks and effervescent style combined with superb acting talent helped her climb the ladder to success. Notwithstanding her slightly eccentric personality, the diva with a unique yet interesting dressing style and oodles of talent has enchanted the Indian audience and critics alike. Her role of the troubled top model turned junkie in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion won her the national award for best supporting actress and a Filmfare award in the same category.

With 6 films in the pipeline, including one with the mega star Hrithik Roshan the year 2013 certainly looks good for her. Kangana’s destined for fame and she’ll have plenty to look forward to in the years to come. She’s strong, determined and blessed with an artistic streak. She has a temper underlying that calm façade and if provoked, she may unleash this other side to her personality. She’s highly protective of those near to her and will be willing to sacrifice for love. Only true love will bring happiness to Kangana. Work wise, she’ll do better by realizing her potential and striving harder.

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