Happy Propose Day!


You have liked someone for long but haven’t yet been able to muster enough courage to express your feelings. Maybe you haven’t exercised the right mix of words to convey your actual feelings or maybe you are simply afraid that your proposal might get rejected.

If you have been wanting to propose someone and was waiting for the right time to arrive, then your wait ends today! Pack all your worries and apprehensions in a bag and throw it out of your window. Simply go out there and convey your overflowing feelings of love to the one that you really care about.

And why shouldn’t you do so? After all, it’s Propose Day today! So we give you a list of ways to propose to your special one and get a ‘yes’ in reply.

On Your Knees, Get Set, Go!
Many people may argue that this method of proposing has now become outdated and redundant. However, we choose to disagree! This classic way of getting down on one knee and proposing to your beloved is still an almost surefire way to get a ‘yes’ from your special one. And why not, after all it shows chivalry and confidence on the part of your partner who is willing to bow down to you, whenever required.

Sky’s the Limit!
If you are sure about your partner and have enough moolah in your bank account, then paint the sky red and write whatever you want to say to your beloved right up there in the skies. And guess what, your partner can seldom refuse your proposal.

Shout Out Your Love to the World
You must have seen it many times in films, but if you have the guts to replicate it in real life then 9 out of 10 times your beloved will fall for you – shout out your undying love to your beau in public! It may sound a little silly but is one of the highly romantic ways to propose your love to your partner.
So, put your apprehensions aside and go for it. If you can’t say what you feel for your partner today, then probably you never will be. Have a serenading and successful Propose Day!

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