Hug Day – A Day of Loving Embraces!


They say actions speak louder than words. And nothing could beat the language of a warm, loving embrace filled with tons and tons of caring and affection. With just one day left for the Valentine’s Day, the Hug Day provides you with the perfect occasion to shower your beloved with the utmost love and care that you possess in your heart for them through a passionate hug.

So, let us find out how does one hug and what does it actually mean the astro way!

Aries: The tight squeeze of an Arian depicts their insurmountable affection towards you, their desire to be loved and their absolute confidence in themselves.

Taurus: Taureans possess the ability to penetrate you and touch your soul through their intimidatingly passionate hugs filled with the desire to never let you go.

Gemini: Gemini hugs are usually restricted to just a pat on the back which should not be mistaken for lack of love and care as they aren’t the most expressive sorts.

Cancer: The everlasting hugs of the Cancerians, that translates their feelings into a hug, signify their desire to be loved and cared for.

Leo: The Lions proudly proclaim their never-ending love and affection towards you and their devoted nature through the tight clasp of their hugs.

Virgo: The cool and calm nature of the Virgos should not be mistaken for prudency as they are quite capable of surprising you with their intimate and sensual hugs.

Libra: The Librans, being believers of classical romance, are quite respectful and gentle in their hugs, and put forth their partner’s comfort before anything else.

Scorpio: Considered the most passionate of all the zodiac signs, Scorpion hugs are usually accompanied by a fiery level of love, lust, passion and intimacy.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarian hugs are quite unpredictable in nature and they like to take their time as they are pretty chic and classy in their expression of love.

Capricorn: Intimacy is of utmost importance for the Capricorns in a relationship and the same can be felt through their tight, passionate hugs.

Aquarius: The Aquarians are quite surprising huggers as they might just put their arms around you while hugging or lift you completely to spin you around.

Pisces: The hugs of the Pisceans seem to be straight out of fairy-tale romances as they are compassionate, assuring and capable of taking you to a state of trance.

So this Hug Day, surprise your beloved with your unique style of hugging filled with utmost love and care. Have a passionate and rewarding Hug Day!


Kiss Day – Seal the Deal with a Kiss!


So the most awaited day of the Valentine’s Week is here. And what better way to celebrate it and express your undying love to your beloved than with some amazingly romantic, sensually seductive and passionately intimate kisses. Kiss Day is finally here!

So let us find out more about your kisses based on your Zodiac Sign.

Aries: You are a pretty lustful, wild and passionate kisser and your kisses usually tend to get over as soon as they start.

Taurus: You are quite a romantic kisser who endows their kisses with love and care of the highest order and your kisses seem to linger forever and ever.

Gemini: You are a quirky kisser and your partner never knows what would come next while kissing you. Your kisses are full of surprises.

Cancer: You possess the ability to take your partner for a joyride to a dreamland with your kisses. But you must be pampered yourself first.

Leo: The Lion in you ensures that your kisses are fiery, wild and unrestricted but with a generosity of its own. You make your partner feel extremely loved.

Virgo: You are a little unsecured kisser who tries to do too many things through their kisses, right from being subtle and romantic to being surprising and unpredictable.

Libra: You are someone who gets nervous and panicky while kissing your partner due to inconsequential factors. Shed your inhibitions and enjoy your kisses.

Scorpio: You are the kind of kisser that people find quite hard to resist. Your kisses are not only irresistible but also quite soulful and satisfactory.

Sagittarius: You are the unpredictable sort where your partner keeps guessing. You are pretty spontaneous with your kisses and your kisses depend on your mood.

Capricorn: You are an intimate kisser whose kisses last for a long time. The intimacy in your kisses not only rejuvenates you but also makes your partner feel relaxed.

Aquarius: You are quite a sensitive and choosy kisser, and only privileged people who can connect with you emotionally gets to experience your uninhibited kisses.

Pisces: You are a slow starter in kissing but once ignited, there’s no stopping you from taking your partner through a fun ride with your rewarding kisses.

So this Kiss Day, surprise your partner with your affectionate kisses. We wish you all a very romantic, rewarding and passionate Kiss Day!

Happy Propose Day!


You have liked someone for long but haven’t yet been able to muster enough courage to express your feelings. Maybe you haven’t exercised the right mix of words to convey your actual feelings or maybe you are simply afraid that your proposal might get rejected.

If you have been wanting to propose someone and was waiting for the right time to arrive, then your wait ends today! Pack all your worries and apprehensions in a bag and throw it out of your window. Simply go out there and convey your overflowing feelings of love to the one that you really care about.

And why shouldn’t you do so? After all, it’s Propose Day today! So we give you a list of ways to propose to your special one and get a ‘yes’ in reply.

On Your Knees, Get Set, Go!
Many people may argue that this method of proposing has now become outdated and redundant. However, we choose to disagree! This classic way of getting down on one knee and proposing to your beloved is still an almost surefire way to get a ‘yes’ from your special one. And why not, after all it shows chivalry and confidence on the part of your partner who is willing to bow down to you, whenever required.

Sky’s the Limit!
If you are sure about your partner and have enough moolah in your bank account, then paint the sky red and write whatever you want to say to your beloved right up there in the skies. And guess what, your partner can seldom refuse your proposal.

Shout Out Your Love to the World
You must have seen it many times in films, but if you have the guts to replicate it in real life then 9 out of 10 times your beloved will fall for you – shout out your undying love to your beau in public! It may sound a little silly but is one of the highly romantic ways to propose your love to your partner.
So, put your apprehensions aside and go for it. If you can’t say what you feel for your partner today, then probably you never will be. Have a serenading and successful Propose Day!