The Power of Gemstones Part – II: Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is beneficial in attainment of knowledge of law, wit, worldly happiness, long life, glory, prosperity, mental peace, physical power and paraphysical bliss. With so many positive characteristics, Pukhraj is a gemstone which is worthy to be worn by all. Authors, businessmen, traders and writers would be most benefited with the Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj.

Pukhraj is highly recommended for girls as this can remove obstacles that may cause any delay in marriage. Also, a happy conjugal marital life is blessed to a Pukhraj wearer. Pukhraj acts as a pacifier as it helps in calming down the anger. Strengthening bonds in family and relationships is another positive impact of Pukhraj.

Pukhraj bestows wisdom, vigour, good luck, name, fame and longevity. Marriage related problems don’t arise in a Pukhraj wearers’ life. Also, they progress spiritually and are fearless of evil vibrations. Pukhraj is highly beneficial for people suffering from fever, kidney problems, cough or rheumatism, arthritis, insomnia, impotency and ulcers. Yellow Sapphire brings wealth and health to the wearer.

Diamond or Heera is for Venus (Sukra). Diamond is an excellent gemstone to end all conflicts in your marital life and it enhances one’s beauty. It brings good fortune; improves financial conditions, and gives the wearer peace of mind. Medically, wearing diamond is good for protection against urinary diseases, sexual organs, syphilis, skin and uterine diseases and diabetes.

Blue sapphire or Neelam represents Shani or Saturn which rules the zodiacs Capricorn and Aquarius. Shani is considered the most malefic planet among all but the final effect of Shani is always good. It throws one into adversities and misfortunes, but ultimately, it all sums up to be good for the person. Neelam is effective in removing poverty, sorrows, diseases, and accelerates prosperity, life-span, and gives overall strength to the wearer. Neelam also brings back any property or funds lost before wearing the stone. If Neelam is unfavorable, it does all the opposites. The wearer’s efforts and hard work may go waste and Neelam may end up shoving the wearer’s life down to the destruction lane. Hence, Neelam should only be worn after proper consultation from an astrologer and test it a week before finally wearing it.

Gomed or Hessonitee helps in countering the negative effects of Rahu in a person’s birth chart and helps in accelerating life in a positive direction. Gomed is honey-tinged blackish in colour. Presence of a powerful Rahu in horoscope spells mental disturbances, worries, tensions and strained relationships. This strong impact can also bring abdominal disturbances, mental pressure, struggled life, and hindrances in business, quarrels, shortage of money and a disturbed career path.

Wearing of Gomed is highly recommended for those who are in legal practices, court affairs and people in politics. Also, anyone associated with gambling can wear Gomed. It gives mental peace and frees one from tensions. The honey-tinged Gomed is associated with Rahu. A transparent Gomed with uniform colour, brilliance and lustre has the power to neutralise the evil effects of Rahu. Gomed provides clarity of mind, accelerates spiritual growth and removes fears. Stomach ailments are removed and so are any delays in career path. It clears the hurdles and helps one race towards the ambition minus hindrances. Professional excellence is another facet of Gomed.

Cat’s eye gemstone or Lahsuniya is for Ketu. Found in a variety of colours ranging from yellow, white, black or smoky/dark green, Cat’s eye looks similar to the eyes of a cat. It has a band of light moving across the stone called the Chatoyance. This band is common in all colours of Lahsuniya or Cat’s eye gemstone. A cat’s eye with a white band of light is the best among all gemstones. Anyone whose Rahu, Ketu or Saturn is malefic, Cat’s eye is considered very beneficial for them. When there are business hurdles, despairs in life or any fear of accidents, one should wear Cat’s eye gemstone. Cat’s eye is believed to be a giver of bliss, bravery, strength, pleasure and brightness in life. Also, wearing Cat’s eye is good for anyone who is having any kind of problems in conception as Cat’s eye is considered good for offspring.

Lahsuniya is known to protect one from enemies, dangers or diseases. It destroys poverty, calamities, diseases, sorrow and saves one from evil and negative effects around. Money stays longer and in case of loss, Cat’s eye is beneficial in retrieving the lost money.


Saturn in Libra influences the corporate world

A bird’s overview of transiting Shani/Saturn in Thula/Libra in the corporate world

Given below is a bird’s eye view of what may happen and what can be done in corporate management, during the transit of Shani (Saturn) through Thula/Tula/Libra during 5th August 2012 to 3rd November 2014.

Managers and entrepreneurs can keep the following advice in mind as a tool and Information System to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your company to the optimum.

HR – The lower working force will become more powerful and efficient to carry out more work and responsibilities though obviously in respect to physical labour. The higher levels of the staff will face restrictions in their work and may find themselves restricted and their authority challenged. Exceptions of course will be there when the personal natal chart will interfere (natal chart of the company, the individual staffers). To be more specific, mechanics divisions, logistics, house keeping, trades divisions, job workers, and service oriented departments may find good productivity amongst their workers.

Marketing – The sales staff, not the marketing and advertising divisions, will find it easy as they will be able to work harder. This division can target the following industries as more business can be available from them. Natural resources, mining, metals, land, junk, steel, iron, agri, labour intensive, logistics, transport, contract businesses, ice, air, oil, mechanical, hardware, timber, bricks, shoes, storage, leather, cement etc.

Resources/Purchase – Your logistics will be classical and should work efficiently. Try negotiating with the following industries to get the best benefit of over production in their areas. Natural resources, mining, metals, land, junk, steel, iron, agri, labour intensive, logistics, transport, contract businesses, ice, air, oil, mechanical, hardware, timber, bricks, shoes, storage, leather, cement etc. Alternatively/additionally, less funds allocation in these can be allowed. You may need to plan your purchase schedules and have larger budgets for the sourcing of raw materials from the following industries. Machineries in general, industries which rely more on ignition and fire, heat, sharpness for their productions as well as final outputs, chemicals, arms, blood, medicines, tea, milk, silver, hospitals, entertainment industry, silk.

Production – Labour will not be a problem. You may have good and productive labour relations. Your resource mobilisation in conjunction with purchase functional will be highly efficient. Units related to fire, heat and expansion, cutting and such activities may face issues through prolonged troubles while units related to air, cold, compression, general metals, oil and such other processes may excel.

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Career Astrology and Sun signs

We all dream of a high flying career but only those who are determined, hardworking or talented get to live this dream. Astrologically, which signs are career driven and which sun signs are not? Take a look at our analysis and find out. In Astrology there are 12 sun signs and each sun sign is blessed with a unique characteristic of its own.

The Aries Worker: Stubborn and impatient, the Aries is known for being impulsive and hot-headed in most situations. An Aries works with his head and he seldom follows his heart. They are hardworking and are blessed with leadership skills. In a group, they have the ability to shine and do not shy away from taking the lead when required.

The Taurus Worker: Astrologically, Taurus as a sign is well known for not taking too many risks. They would rather opt for the safe route and not engage in anything that brings about a change in their work profile. Taureans like to keep things simple and uncomplicated.

The Gemini Worker: Gemini loves to communicate and can convince you about anything. Being an air sign, Gemini finds it difficult to focus entirely on one thing. They love to change things around rapidly and are often confused about which way to head. A very creative sign, one can expect something innovative from a Gemini worker.

The Cancer Worker: Cancer is hard working and efficient, but rarely tries to outshine others. They quietly go about doing their work. They are calm and like to think through things before jumping into conclusions.

The Leo Worker: Leo is a born leader and would not be satisfied without leading in a group. In Astrology, Leo workers are known for coming up with great ideas and their attention to detail. Don’t expect too many mistakes when a Leo is leading the pack.

The Virgo Worker: The Virgo worker is quite a perfectionist. Astrologically, the sign is known for finding flaws. They get impatient while dealings with slow colleagues. They are organised when it comes to work and this helps them advance in life.

The Libra Worker: The Libra worker loves to multitask and impresses others with their creativity and ability to come up with interesting ideas. Astrologically, the sign is quite capable of handling additional responsibilities and gets along well with others in the team by being diplomatic.

The Scorpio Worker: The Scorpio worker can be considered for leadership positions. Scorpio’s dominating personality helps them lead. It’s tough to dictate them around, as they prefer to work on their own terms.

The Sagittarius Worker: The Sagittarius worker is highly ambitious and aims for nothing but the best. Their intellect helps them succeed in their work and advance in their careers. People don’t mind looking up to Sagittarians and following their lead.

The Capricorn Worker: The Capricorn worker is known for believing in hard work and determination. They will not rest till they reach the top. They don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Expect an overload of work and responsibilities while working with a Capricorn.

The Aquarius Worker: The Aquarius worker is like a free bird and believes in working independently. It’s not easy to control or instruct an Aquarian as they believe in working in their own style. They achieve much better results when someone gives them the space that they need to focus and deliver.

The Pisces Worker: The Pisces worker is far more creative than other sun signs. They are always busy making plans and visualizing the next big thing. Their unique ideas help them carve a niche for themselves no matter what they do.  visit