Rare Venus Transit, 6 June 2012


Rare Venus Transit, 6 June 2012

Stargazers are in for a spectacular celestial treat on June 6, 2012. In one of the rarest astronomical phenomena, Venus transits across the Sun on this particular date. This occurs when Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth. During the transit, Venus will appear as a small black dot from the Earth.

Wake up before the sun rises, as this will be your last chance to view this unique phenomenon. This rare event occurs in pairs, eight years apart. The next pair of Venus transits will take place on December 11, 2117 and December 8, 2125.

Talking about astrology, Venus rules Taurus, Libra’s feelings, aesthetics, sense of like, action and repulsion and also emotional connections. It also rules love relationships, artistic and luxury material possessions. Let’s see how this planetary movement will affect you.

Aries: Venus is in your favour and ensures that things turn out pretty good for you overall, personally as well as professionally. You will be calm and balanced and this is what will help you overcome any problem that comes your way.

Taurus: During this time, you will remain calm, composed and in great harmony with friends and family members. All domestic tensions will be resolved. You are likely to make some financial gains. Your confidence and excellent communication skills take your career into another level.

Gemini: Your outward appearances will keep you busy. You will pay attention to how you look and make an effort to impress others around you. Parties and a busy social life are indicated. Expenditures will be high.

Cancer: You are determined and a lot more patient during this phase. You handle all assignments and projects with utmost efficiency and are patient under all circumstances. Business matters will seem to move at a very good pace and you find nothing much to complain about.

Leo: You will be very emotional and caring during this time. Avoid giving in to the emotional pressure from your partner, as it will only bring you misery and nothing else. Appreciation for your interests is likely to come your way.

Virgo: You may feel a bit restless. Pay attention to your health as you might suffer from a minor ailment. Your partner will be more than usually attentive towards you. On the career front, things will move at a very good pace.

Libra: With Venus moving in, you will make an effort to impress others around you. Your social life will keep you busy. Keep your tendency to overspend in check. You will have enough time for your partner and family.

Scorpio: A bit of struggle is written on your cards; however, this is a temporary phase and will soon pass. Just be patient and do not be frustrated as it will only worsen the situation. Use this period to spend some quality time with your family and relax at home.

Sagittarius: Due to the combined effect of the Sun and Venus, you will feel restless with no specific target to work on. You tend to be a bit insensitive towards others who may harm your relationships with your loved ones. Avoid getting into arguments at all costs.

Capricorn: All problems that you were facing in your personal life will disappear due to the favourable impact of Venus. There might be some exciting and interesting developments in your personal life now. Some of you will set someone straight with good results, maybe by re-establishing your authority over things that matter.

Aquarius: With Venus transition, you might feel a bit out-of-sorts if you do not have a specific plan or a definite goal to focus on. Personally you will do well to avoid being over-critical or you could hurt the feelings of your friends and family. You will be loaded with monetary possibilities and financial gains.

Pisces: The influence of Venus makes it all good for you. Your determination and patience will earn you appreciation. The atmosphere at home will be very peaceful and relaxing. On the work front, you will be able to meet deadlines and targets.

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