Shahid, Priyanka and their Kahani


 Shahid, Priyanka and their Kahani

There was a time when Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra) and Shaks (ShahidKapoor) were rumoured to be in a relationship. But they have both never admitted to seeing each other. Whatever their personal kahani may be, it’s not stopping these two from having a good time while promoting their recently released movie Teri Meri Kahani together. The ex-lovers were seen in each other’s company, holding hands and laughing. They share a very interesting chemistry off screen and the same is visible even on screen.

They have worked in many movies together and some even think that they are lucky for each other. Shahid and Priyanka came close while working in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey. Both were romantically involved in the film. Earlier, Shahid was involved with Kareena Kapoor for more than 3 years, but unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them. On the other side, Priyanka Chopra’s name was linked with Harman Baweja, though she never admitted her relationship publicly. Now both are single and things seem to be going great for both these stars. Let’s see what’s stopping these two from dating each other. Will they make a good couple? Find out.


Sushil Kumar: The Power of a Bull


Sushil Kumar: The Power of a Bull

Wrestling champion Sushil Kumar was born in Baprola, Najafgarh Haryana on 26 May 1983. He has won many international medals, including the World Championships and the Commonwealth games. He belongs to a poor family, his father Diwan Singh Solanki was an MTNL driver and mother Kamla Devi a housewife. Kumar got trained in Akhada (wrestling school) at the age of 14. Sushil is presently employed by the Indian Railways as an Assistant Commercial Manager.

2012 predictions for Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar will find himself bubbling over with enthusiasm and energy. His quest to win the Gold at the London Olympics will keep him busy and driven. Chances of him making India proud are high but difficulties cannot be ruled out. Read more…

Coolest celeb dads


Coolest celeb dads

‘My father is a hero’ – that’s what we all think about our dads. And so are our superstars and sports stars, who despite having a tight schedule and most of the time being away from home and family, do not let their absence affect their children. What makes them the coolest, hottest Superdads? Read on to find out.

Ajay Devgn (Aries):
Here’s a dad who was found babysitting on a film set. We heard that Ajay Devgn was spotted babysitting his daughter Nyasa and son Yug in Goa on the sets of his last superhit film Singham. Busy shooting schedules keep him away from his children but whenever he gets time, he tries to spend as much time as possible with them. Being an Aries father, he shares a very dynamic, positive and a spontaneous relationship with his children. It is a highly charged and emotional relationship. He tends to have an active and exciting time together with his kids. He’s got a big-heart, and can easily compromise. The abundance of energy and ability to cast away that boredom in his relationship with kids makes him a cool dad.

What makes Aamir so perfect?


What makes Aamir so perfect?

His journey from ‘Dil’ to ‘Dil se Dil Tak’ has been going all up. ‘Dil se Dil tak’ is a tag line of Aamir’s recent TV show Satyamev Jayate which has hit all the right chords with the Indian audience. Aamir was born on 13th March 1965 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

‘DIL’ is a lucky word for Aamir, as it has favoured him in giving many hit movies throughout his career. With his latest TV show Satyamev Jayate Aamir has added a new twist to how TV Shows are presented. He chose the tagline of his show himself. He is very persistent and hardworking and this helps him grow and overcome the biggest of hurdles easily. The show is a huge success and is only growing in popularity, thanks to Aamir’s efforts.

Aamir’s persistence

He is very persistent towards his work; he suggests and does only what he likes. No one can push him into taking up a project he does not have faith in. Aamir easily takes control on others’ thought processes; almost always he proves his point successfully. He has a very good quality of bringing a topic to its rightful conclusion. He is persistent because he thinks he is always right. He decisively does just one film per year, and each time he gives his viewers food for thought. His ruling number is 4, which makes him disciplined and passionate. Aamir has a unique insight and thrashes things out very thoroughly before arriving at a decision. He dislikes impulsiveness and his analytical skills help him get to the heart of the matter. He has little time for fantasy and prefers hard facts.


Do you know your mom well?


Do you know your mom well?

So you think you know your mom well? Her likes, dislikes, habits – you know everything about her. Ok! But their sunsigns may have much more to reveal about your mother; something which you have never realised before. Read on and discover some funny and interesting traits about your mom.

Aries mom:
She takes good care of you but her love will not spoil you. She teaches you to be independent and can even fight for your rights. Her enthusiasm and high energy levels inspire you a lot. She will always try to get the most out of you and will help in developing your own interests. At times, she may lose her patience and have a hasty temper. However, she will not let it linger for long. She perfectly organises her time to spend most of her time with you.

Taurus mom:
You are one lucky child! This mom works hard to see that her child gets the best things in this world. Don’t try to torment her and throw tantrums all around as she is a hard-task master for discipline and manners. But relax, she is never too strict. From early on, she will cultivate in you the habit of saving a little amount so that you live a luxurious life in future. So, here’s your mama, bang on future planning.

Gemini mom
New ideas, experiences, that’s what she likes to share with you. Your mom is very energetic, flexible and of course, very sensible. Your mom keeps a tab on current trends and she knows them better than you. And that’s the reason why she likes to broaden your thoughts and makes you more aware of what’s happening around. She manages her family and her job perfectly. Her constant mood swings may leave you a bit confused so it’s better if you stop being that irritant child.

Cancer mom:
She is a nurturer and strongly believes in teaching you the values and traditions of your family, which sometimes you may find forceful. You may find your freedom being curbed down and may feel that she is being overly-concerned about you. She gets emotional easily. But don’t you love all the attentions and affections she showers on you?

Leo mom:
When it comes to you, your mom gets really enthusiastic. She wants to give you the best education and hence doesn’t mind spending on your education. She has a lot of expectations from you, which you may find really suffocating at times. But all mothers have high expectations from their children. She introduces you to all the amazing things in the world; however, it is not necessary that she takes you around the globe.

Virgo mom:
Fond of junk foods? Better say bye to it right now, your mama is a strict dietician. She keeps a close watch on what you are eating, your habits, hygiene. She may not be very expressive and a bit reserved in portraying her love for you but never doubt her affection for she truly loves you. She is an inspiring figure and will instill in you the value of sincerity and responsibility at an early age. She will make your life lively and entertaining by engaging you into interesting activities.

Libra mom:
Alright, here comes the fashion police. Eh! Well, not quite so. But she wants you to dress up nicely and look good. She is an easy-going mom and teaches you good manners and social etiquettes from an early age onwards. She will put your interests in other things like sports, music and arts. And peace and harmony is all she wants to maintain in the family. But her inability to take a quick decision may leave you getting furious.

Scorpio mom:
Discipline is all she asks for and if you are….you will be handsomely rewarded. She doesn’t like you wasting your time and energy on unimportant matters. Your mom is quite demanding in terms of your education and career. She shares a very warm and emotional bond with you. Hold on! Don’t jump into conclusion that she is a drama queen. She can be at times very expressive and not demonstrative at all. She has a very good intuition and quickly grasps your desires.

Sagittarius mom:
Your mom, sometimes, tends to doubt her performance as a mother. She has this habit of judging whether or not she is a good mother. She is an ambitious mother – always aiming higher than the goal she initially sets for you. Her energetic attitude and her enthusiastic nature make her an ideal mom. She adds fun and tries to kick out that laziness from you.

Capricorn mom:
Work is worship! Your mom believes in this and she actually practices as she usually reaches her office quite early. She is one emotional mama but since she never lets it appear on her face, you may fail to understand her emotional side. So, you may get a wrong impression that she’s cold and does not care at all. As her child, you need to understand her.

Aquarius mom: 
You have a wonderful narrator mom as she is good in telling stories. She has an unusual style of bringing you up. She’s all ears, listening to every sense and nonsense you have to share with her. She is warm and an affectionate mama but doesn’t like expressing her emotions openly. Your education is what matters to her and she lets you speak your mind. From an early age onwards, she lets you exercise your freedom of expression.

Pisces mom: 
Your mom is easy-going and not someone who is very controlling, yet she cares for you and takes an abiding interest in what you do. She understands you very well and is a big support system, encouraging you to realise your potential. She doesn’t compel you to pursue something of her interest but she is a big dreamer and already has big dreams for you. She can soothe and tone down your aggression with remarkable ease. Isn’t that great?

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Rare Venus Transit, 6 June 2012


Rare Venus Transit, 6 June 2012

Stargazers are in for a spectacular celestial treat on June 6, 2012. In one of the rarest astronomical phenomena, Venus transits across the Sun on this particular date. This occurs when Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth. During the transit, Venus will appear as a small black dot from the Earth.

Wake up before the sun rises, as this will be your last chance to view this unique phenomenon. This rare event occurs in pairs, eight years apart. The next pair of Venus transits will take place on December 11, 2117 and December 8, 2125.

Talking about astrology, Venus rules Taurus, Libra’s feelings, aesthetics, sense of like, action and repulsion and also emotional connections. It also rules love relationships, artistic and luxury material possessions. Let’s see how this planetary movement will affect you.

Aries: Venus is in your favour and ensures that things turn out pretty good for you overall, personally as well as professionally. You will be calm and balanced and this is what will help you overcome any problem that comes your way.

Taurus: During this time, you will remain calm, composed and in great harmony with friends and family members. All domestic tensions will be resolved. You are likely to make some financial gains. Your confidence and excellent communication skills take your career into another level.

Gemini: Your outward appearances will keep you busy. You will pay attention to how you look and make an effort to impress others around you. Parties and a busy social life are indicated. Expenditures will be high.

Cancer: You are determined and a lot more patient during this phase. You handle all assignments and projects with utmost efficiency and are patient under all circumstances. Business matters will seem to move at a very good pace and you find nothing much to complain about.

Leo: You will be very emotional and caring during this time. Avoid giving in to the emotional pressure from your partner, as it will only bring you misery and nothing else. Appreciation for your interests is likely to come your way.

Virgo: You may feel a bit restless. Pay attention to your health as you might suffer from a minor ailment. Your partner will be more than usually attentive towards you. On the career front, things will move at a very good pace.

Libra: With Venus moving in, you will make an effort to impress others around you. Your social life will keep you busy. Keep your tendency to overspend in check. You will have enough time for your partner and family.

Scorpio: A bit of struggle is written on your cards; however, this is a temporary phase and will soon pass. Just be patient and do not be frustrated as it will only worsen the situation. Use this period to spend some quality time with your family and relax at home.

Sagittarius: Due to the combined effect of the Sun and Venus, you will feel restless with no specific target to work on. You tend to be a bit insensitive towards others who may harm your relationships with your loved ones. Avoid getting into arguments at all costs.

Capricorn: All problems that you were facing in your personal life will disappear due to the favourable impact of Venus. There might be some exciting and interesting developments in your personal life now. Some of you will set someone straight with good results, maybe by re-establishing your authority over things that matter.

Aquarius: With Venus transition, you might feel a bit out-of-sorts if you do not have a specific plan or a definite goal to focus on. Personally you will do well to avoid being over-critical or you could hurt the feelings of your friends and family. You will be loaded with monetary possibilities and financial gains.

Pisces: The influence of Venus makes it all good for you. Your determination and patience will earn you appreciation. The atmosphere at home will be very peaceful and relaxing. On the work front, you will be able to meet deadlines and targets.

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