Meet the new Kapoor kid


Meet the new Kapoor kid

Move over from Ranbir Kapoor, folks. Here, we have another Kapoor kid on the block, all set to create a storm in Bollywood. Well, we are talking about Boney Kapoor’s son and Sonam Kapoor’s cousin Arjun Kapoor. Stylish, good looking, talented, confident – he has everything it takes to be a star.

And if you think he’s got his first film Ishaqzaade, produced by Yash Raj Films (YRF), because of his starry background, you have it all wrong. Young people in India are addicted to Facebook and Arjun is no different. The social networking site has been behind his big Bollywood break.

According to media reports, YRF’s casting director Shanoo Sharma came across his profile on Facebook and immediately decided to meet him, without knowing that he’s Boney Kapoor’s son. And after meeting him, they were convinced that only he can do justice to the character of Parma. So, it’s not a story of a rich producer papa launching his son, as many would like to believe.

Know more about him astrologically! Born June 26, 1985, Arjun belongs to the sunsign Cancer with 8 as his ruling number. This number is governed by the Planet Saturn. He possesses a keen sense of discipline, steadfastness, constancy and dutifulness. He is always concerned with the welfare of his home and family. When his late mother Mona Kapoor had been diagnosed with cancer, Arjun like a dutiful and doting son made sure that he’s with his mom, taking good care of her. Even in this trying time of personal crisis, he did not let his debut film suffer. He was there for the film all throughout and devoted the rest of his time to his ailing mom. With great maturity and understanding, he has handled the situation very well. Though he is very affectionate, he may not be able to communicate his feelings to his loved ones.

But what does the future hold for this handsome lad? Does his future look bright?

The future does look bright for young Arjun Kapoor. He will achieve success in life. He will be lucky in signing some major deals and will do well commercially. He will do exceptionally well in Bollywood, and will put his abilities to good use. His patience and strength will take him far in the coming years and there will be no looking back once Arjun sets foot in Bollywood.


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