Meet the new man in Shilpa’s life


Meet the new man in Shilpa’s life

Ending the suspense and the waits of her family and fans, Shilpa Shetty delivered a healthy baby boy on May 21 at a Mumbai hospital. Now, she is the latest to join the new-mum club of B-town.

Her overjoyed husband and the boy’s papa, Raj Kundra posted on Twitter, “God has blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. Both mother and baby are fine… Both mum and Baby K are resting. I am thrilled to bits!!!!!!”

Here’s what you need to know about this little boy, astrologically.

His personality traits:

He belongs to the zodiac sign Gemini. And being a Gemini, he will be funny, brimming with life, full of ideas on one hand; inconsistent, capricious, superficial on the other. These are the twins that represent Gemini, a bundle of maddening contradictions. Be that as it may, he will be simply adorable who loves life and adds zest and happiness to the world by being what he is. He will be the life and soul of any party, amazing all and sundry with apparent knowledge of everything.

He may be a Jack-of-all-trades but it does not mean that he lacks the ability to master skills. He will be versatile and will have an amazing grasp of the subject he chooses, although it may not interest him for long.

His ruling number is 3:

This number is governed by the Planet Jupiter and having born under it, he will be a lover of morality, justice, mercy and pure love. He will be naturally attracted to people born between June 21 and July 20, between October 21 and November 20. He will also have an affinity for those governed by the numbers 3, 6, 7 and 9. He will be lucky in financial matters and will get plenty of opportunities for career advancement. His ambition, leadership and drive will always motivate him to strive for constant improvements in his professional life.

Born on the 21st of May signifies:

He will be usually lucky in life. He will be able to attract all that is good towards him. He will have a significant dealing with the masses and will remain in the public eye. A sharp wit and natural charm make him a lot of friends. He will be adaptable and multitalented and will often confuse about his career choice. He will be humble and naturally courteous with everyone. He will have oodles of confidence and will be self-reliant. He will be broad minded and tolerant and entirely lack malice or guile.

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Moon in Cancer


Moon in Cancer

What can you expect when the Moon moves into Cancer? Is this a good time for personal relationships? Read on to find out all about the Moon in Cancer!

The Moon’s transit into sensitive Cancer makes you very emotional and impulsive. You will apparently have no control on your moods due to the influence of the Moon. At times, you may even experience extreme mood swings. You will also devote a lot of time and effort to the well-being of your family members. It is a good time for you careerwise and you face no major issues here. Water based activities help you relax during this period of the Water sign Cancer. The time is right for all of you to start a new creative venture. Your thoughts will be unique and you will finally, come up with something brilliant!

Expect personal relationships to be enhanced and also old ties to be renewed. You will realize your mistakes and will be ready to apologize. The time is right for starting new romantic relationships. You will be able to express how you really feel and even make a commitment to that someone special.

This Moon in Cancer transit is especially lucky for Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. You will benefit by making the most of your ideas. A great time to initiate new projects or ventures. Foreign shores will bring you good news after a long time.

Moon in Cancer profile-Certainly not the easiest person to understand, you are an introvert with a capital I. Emotions are hidden beneath the tough exterior that you possess — quite similar to the crustacean that represents your zodiac sign. Although you can be kind and affable, your mood swings are unpredictable, tending to be bitter and melancholic, often feeling hurt unnecessarily. While you like to draw sympathy, you can be fairly insensitive towards others, snapping, being rude and short-tempered. However, your seemingly cruel behavior is only a clever means to hide your own insecurities and complexes. You can be admirably kind, generous, understanding and gracious, if all is well with you. Cancerians can be seen involved in many charitable activities, although they will all be at a very public level. No matter how unpleasant you may seem to some people, you have a conscience that prompts you to do the right things – like standing by people in their time of need.

Feng Shui your Kitchen!


Feng Shui your Kitchen!

The kitchen is the heart of your home… What can you do to attract positive energy to this space? Follow some well known Feng Shui tips for your kitchen to attract happiness!

Your kitchen should be airy, spacious and welcoming. Keep it clean at all times and avoid overloading it with too much stuff. The lighting is an integral part of Feng Shui. Light can affect the flow of Chi in your kitchen. Make sure it is not dim.

For good Feng Shui keep your kitchen as simple as possible. Buy stuff that you really need and avoid cluttering. To enhance the energy further place some bright yellow flowers. Fresh flowers are considered to attract peace and harmony according to Feng Shui.

Study the layout of your kitchen and decide wisely where to place a vase of flowers, a bowl of fresh fruits or other green plants. Your kitchen table will be the perfect choice.

The colour of your kitchen plays a very important role in Feng Shui. Colours that blend well and make you feel good are the perfect choice. All shades of yellow are considered to be lucky.

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Are Kim and Kanye compatible?


Are Kim and Kanye compatible?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly dating each other. Kim has always been public about her relationships and love life, but this time she seems to have kept things under wraps. What has led to this change? Is it Kanye or has Kim really changed her ways?

After breaking off her marriage within 72 days with Kris Humphries, Kim is all set to her new love life with the R & B singer. Their wedding was a widely publicised affair but due to irreconcilable differences, Kim and Kris decided to part ways. Apparently, Kim’s public life was too much to handle for the humble Humphries. He belonged to a small town and wasn’t used to the paparazzi following them everywhere. Viewers of the show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ also felt that the duo didn’t make a good match as they had nothing much in common.

According to Kim, Kanye will not be a major part of the show the way Humphries was. She doesn’t plan on flaunting her love for the rapper the way sis Khloe does for husband Lamar.

Will the Kanye-Kim romance last or will it fizzle with time?

Astro Compatibility

Kim’s date of birth: October 21, 1980
Kanye’s date of birth: June 8, 1977

Kim (Libra) and Kanye (Gemini) are wonderfully compatible, possessing many virtues, as well as vices, in common. They tend to respect each other’s mentality, privacy and freedom of thought and speech. This is considered to be a great astrological influence for a long and happy marriage. Libra being under Venus` influence and Mercury ruling Gemini, this makes for a very good planetary configuration. Both favour similar changes of interests. In the case of this pair, Libra is the judge and Gemini the responsive jury in the nuptial courthouse. The combination`s intellectual and artistic interests are compatible. Libra will understand both sides of the Gemini nature. This will be a very stimulating relationship.

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Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20-21


Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20-21

A rare annular eclipse will be witnessed on May 20-21, 2012. The sun will appear mostly blocked out with only a spectacular ring visible. In the eastern hemisphere, the same will take place on May 21. An annular solar eclipse is indicated to occur when the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun, causing the Sun to look like a ring. The eclipse will occur in the late afternoon or early evening for observers in the USA and on May 21 for those residing in Asia.

How will this rare eclipse of the Sun impact you? Does it have any astrological significance? The answer to this question is an emphatic ‘yes’. Like all other planetary movements that change your course and affect your day-to-day luck, the Sun considered to be a major planet in Astrology will impact you.

Let’s take a closer look based on your sunsign.

Aries: Fiery Aries, you will need to keep a check on your emotions and not let anything lose your cool. Your opposition gains strength and you will be overthrown and in lack of support if you don’t change your ways. The solar eclipse is a time when the mighty are overthrown.

Taurus: This is a rare opportunity for you to mend your ways and guide your life towards the right direction. Being laid back doesn’t work for those with ambitions. The sun urges you to set out on the right path.

Gemini: One of the most positive eclipses this year occurs at 0 degrees Gemini. It will change your life in significant ways, ways you wouldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams. It brings you an opportunity that makes you feel ecstatic.

Cancer: You hear exciting news this time around. The positive solar eclipse brings good news and opportunities your way. It acts as a blessing from above. Something you were waiting for comes your way.

Leo: Meet new people and network. A fabulous time is indicated for you professionally. The solar eclipse has a powerful impact on your luck and varied aspects of your life are about to shine.

Virgo: Your efforts are about to be rewarded, thanks to the positive Solar Eclipse on May 20 in Gemini. Awards and recognition comes your way. You are glad and content to have finally achieved something you have aspired for too long.

Libra: The solar eclipse makes you more creative than ever and you use your mind to come up with something productive. Business and money are indicated to profit because of the favourable conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter. Overseas ventures come knocking on your door.

Scorpio: Financial gains are indicated during this rare and positive Solar eclipse. You get back money from least expected of sources. Your career also moves in the right direction.

Sagittarius: A new relationship is highly indicated for you with the solar eclipse occurring on May 21. Those of you already in a relationship will think about taking the next big step and committing to your partner. Don’t rush into marriage though.

Capricorn: Travel is indicated for you and the journey may be a romantic one. Your sweetheart may tag along with you on this trip. An exciting new assignment is also indicated to come your way.

Aquarius: Your personal life will take a much better turn and you will find harmony returning to your home. The solar eclipse works wonders for your personal relationships.

Pisces: Travel is indicated for you Pisces. The period in and around the solar eclipse will make you want to seek out newer avenues and experience life differently. Improvements happen at home.

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What’s in store for Akhilesh Yadav?


What’s in store for Akhilesh Yadav?

The youngest Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav is all set to bring change in his state. Akhilesh, son of Mulayam Singh Yadav, born on 1st July 1973 in the Saifai village of Etawah district, Uttar Pradesh, is a Cancerian. He has a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering. His father gives him complete credit for bringing the Samajwadi Party back to power.

In 2000, he won by-elections from Kannauj and was elected to the Lok Sabha. After retaining his seat in 2004-2009 general elections, he brought a new zest in the campaigning style of Samajwadi Party. Akhilesh is a number 1 Cancerian and this makes him very diplomatic and straight. Clear in their thoughts, Number 1 people are likely to be great achievers.

Let’s take a quick look at his personality and what’s in store for him from an astrological point of view.

Predictions for Akhilesh

2012 is full of surprises. The Moon brings ahead a time, high in motivation and with a focus on priorities. He may be willing to take some time off from the hectic schedule for friends and family. Things might not move at their regular pace and obstacles might show up which may frustrate Akhilesh but with Jupiter on his side he will overcome these hurdles with relative ease. Patience is a virtue and the mantra that brings out the best in him. A favourable Moon shall guide him through.

Akhilesh’s Personality Analyses

He is governed by the Sun and those born under it are highly original, active, energetic, motivated, artistic and brilliant. He is naturally attracted to people born between 21st July and 20th August, between 21st November and 20th December and between 21st March and 20th April.

The Sun gives him an intellectual bent of mind and he is attracted to mental rather than physical pursuits. His leadership capabilities are highly developed which equips him to hold executive and administrative positions. He is courageous and brave and never hesitates to tackle the most difficult of problems. He will gain knowledge through observation and travel. He has a highly original and innovative mind which does not lend itself well to simply taking orders.

Akhilesh’s Specific Traits

He is a natural leader, full of drive and determination. He is, however, unnerved by responsibility. He is at his most productive when left alone. He is excessively taken up with his appearance. He participates in sporting activities, often to regain his inner balance.

Akhilesh’s Articulation Number is 7

He is not easily swayed by others and is a fast imaginative thinker. He follows only one line of thought at a time. He generally prevails in academic discussions. He is a live wire; always in control of a situation. He likes charting his own course and is not averse to taking risks. He is also original and resourceful. He likes people who are not unnerved by adversity. His tough exterior often intimidates those around him.


What makes them supermoms?


What makes them supermoms?

Mere paas maa hai – One may wonder how this very simple dialogue from the film Deewar can become immensely popular and powerful. Had there been no maa in this line, it would not have been that impactful. That’s what mothers can do. They are very special for us and even for our Bollywood superstars. We bring to you some of our superstars and their supermoms, who have sacrificed a lot to raise up these stars.

Salma and Salman Khan:
You can partly blame Salman Khan’s mother Salma for his bachelorhood as he was always looking for his mother in all his ex-girlfriends. As his father Salim Khan revealed in a TV Channel, “You need two people for a marriage. There’s a contradiction in Salman’s character. He gets attracted to women from his industry only…his co-stars become his love interests. Once a relationship is established, he starts looking for his mom in them. Now that is not possible. A woman who has just started her career can’t be doing stuff like preparing meals, washing clothes, preparing kids and yet lead the hectic life of a movie star!” Sallu is maa ka ladla but if he does anything wrong, she still gives him a tight slap. Being a Capricorn, Salman is a bit reserved in his portrayal of love for his mother but he is a total mama’s boy and always makes sure that his mother gets all the happiness in the world. For him, his mother would always come first and will do anything for her. He shares a very deep bond with his mother and is very close to her.

Babita and Kareena Kapoor:
Kareena Kapoor “can’t live, breathe or take one step without her mother.” Well, it’s not us who are saying it but it’s beti Bebo who said it a few years back, when she was moving into her new home. She loves her mother Babita so much that she won’t be doing any bikini shots again since her mom didn’t like her in a bikini. She has her mother to thank for what she is today. Her father, Randhir Kapoor disapproved of women joining the film industry but her mom made it all possible for her and Karisma. Babita is an Aries while Kareena is a Virgo. They are quite opposite. As an Aries mother, Babita is dominant, aggressive, and usually quite impatient while Kareena as a Virgo is obsessed with detail and is quiet and shy at times. However, besides having contrasting personalities, both understand and appreciate their radically different views and perspectives.

Sharmila and Saif Ali Khan:
In his tough times (career, divorce, legal issues), Sharmila Tagore has been a support system for his son Saif Ali Khan. Saif is a Leo while Sharmila is a Sagittarius. They are both vibrant and have a zest for life. This family is lively and exciting, with each person encouraging the other to go for higher goals. As a mother, she endows him with a deeper and more contemplative nature. He in turn keeps her youthful and playful. Both share a mutual admiration and respect for each other. Both are charismatic and charming.

Neetu and Ranbir Kapoor:
Ranbir Kapoor was once a possessive son of his mother Neetu Singh. He got uncomfortable watching his mom romancing other actors and he, certainly, does not like people judging her. As a dutiful mother, she gave up her acting career to raise her two kids. She’s always been a protective mother, sometimes shielding Ranbir from his dad Rishi Kapoor’s temper. Ranbir is a Libran and Neetu, a Cancerian. They provide what the other is lacking. Both look for security and warmth in their relationships. Arguments rarely flare up as both love peace and harmony. As a mother, she always tries to make a good home for the family. Ranbir is her best friend and her only confidant.

Jaya and Abhishek Bachchan:
Mama Jaya Bachchan, who takes care of everybody, is a sweetheart for her son Abhishek. And so to please her, he wore a ring despite having no interest and belief in astrology. Abhishek is an Aquarius while his mother Jaya is an Aries. Their relationship is dynamic, and though it can be competitive at times, it is never boring. They are great friends apart from sharing a mother – son relationship. They are compatible and communicate very well. Both mother and son are idealists and have an unbounded enthusiasm and curiosity about life and their profession.

Tanuja and Kajol:
Knowing that her mother Tanuja is a perfectionist, Kajol is too scared to work with her again. Now, that may come as a surprise since we all know very well of Kajol’s acting skills. Well, here is a daughter who has tremendous respect and all praise for her mother’s work. Kajol is a Leo while Tanuja is a Libra. Like most signs that are two positions apart in the Zodiac, Leo and Libra share the intuitive understanding of the inner working of each other’s mind. Both have radically different temperaments; where Leo is flamboyant, Libra is refined. Leo and Libra form a very successful family relationship because each of them can appreciate and benefit from the other’s positive qualities.

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