How do you like to holiday?


How do you like to holiday?

From bungee jumping to scuba diving; staying in a luxury hotel to camping; a love for high places and mountains, to being just happy near water – that’s how different our ideas of ideal holidays could be. Some of us may resort to peaceful quiet holidays while for some, holidays are all about having fun and frolic. Every individual has a preferred style of holidaying. And this difference could just be the influence of zodiac signs that one belongs to. A Cancer’s idea of a perfect holiday is totally opposite to that of a Capricorn. So, what’s your ideal vacation like? Read on and you may just agree with what your zodiac signs have to say.

Aries: You love to explore new places that too at the speed of light. You often take the fastest means of transport to your destination. Adventurous holidays including water rafting, bungee jumping or horse riding is what drives you wild. Since the heat and energy level is high you naturally prefer cool places for holidays. The mountains are places you love to explore and visit, especially if there is a little cottage where you can shack up and rough it out!

Taurus: You are an earthy sign. The lush and rolling hills are ideal for holidaying but only in an out of this world resort where good living is high. Good comfortable living is your number one priority. Everything is pre-planned from ticket booking to hotel reservations. Basically you are homebodies so travelling to unknown places is not something you are always ready to do. A holiday in a familiar place or not too far away from your home ground is what you need.

Gemini: You love to travel with close friends and family in tow. Mercury the ruling planet wants constant interaction and mental stimulation. You get easily bored so you perfer to go on package tours. You would probably pack your cell phone, books, magazines and other essentials just in case you are caught in a situation that has you doing nothing! Television sets are a must in your room…you like to stay connected.

Cancer: You are always happy when you are near water. You love to swim, sail or boat on holidays. Water has an added attraction for you. You are not very adventurous where new places are concerned so you normally keep visiting the same destination over and over.

Leo: You love to holiday in style. You don’t like roughing it out on holidays like trekking or cycling but instead want to be pampered with a good body massage or pedicure. You stretch your pockets to include a luxury cruise or a stay in a five star luxury hotel. You enjoy the thought of eating something exotic and people waiting on you hand and foot!

Virgo: You are basically worriers so before a holiday starts, you will be found with a list of things to do, places to see and if possible you would like to know if you can learn something useful like cooking, painting, etc. on holiday! At the back of your mind you feel guilty about wasting your time. So an environmental or educational holiday is just ideal for you.

Libra: For you a holiday must have style and elegance. You are made for glamour and luxury. Camping holidays are not your cup of tea; unless of course the tent is fully equipped with lots of trappings. The journey has to be short and comfortable. You don’t much care for the idea of being on a train from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Physically you like to look good so stylish luggage with elegant clothes is a must.

Scorpio: You love to holiday in those exotic places that normally others don’t go to. Visiting Pyramids in Egypt to the Great Wall of China would always appeal to you. You can withstand any climatic conditions. Package and guided tours are not your idea of holiday. You like to be different in the places you visit and your approach to holidaying.

Sagittarius: You dislike going for a peaceful, quiet holiday away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The idea is to have fun and frolic on holidays rather than lying with a book. You are born travelers so if possible you visit all the places given in a tourist book. You are open to having a trekking and camping holiday.

Capricorn: You love high places and blossom on mountains. Though you would love to go on a luxurious and comfortable holiday but you are equally frugal about spending money even on a holiday and keep your expenses in check. Even on holiday you keep yourself disciplined and active; no overindulgence for you. You enjoy historical places and the romance surrounding them.

Aquarius: You are not much of planners so generally the holidays you take are not pre-planned months ahead. In fact for you, planning takes away half the fun! You like to visit off beat places. Sitting cross-legged meditating and seeking inner peace is your idea of absolute heaven. Finding a partner for such a holiday may be a problem for you.

Pisces: You love water and would head straight for some beach resort. Perhaps scuba diving and water skiing on holiday is your dream holiday; though splashing around on the beach is your idea of fun too. You are generally very emotional and romantic so would love to holiday with your partner.


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