Box office prediction: Agneepath

Come January 26, and your wait for the release of the much awaited Hrithik Roshan starrer Agneepath will come to a stop. The film releases on India’s 63rd Republic Day.

Produced by Karan Johar and directed by Karan Malhotra, this action thriller is a remake of the 1990 Agneepath starring megastar Amitabh Bachchan. However, it’s not a complete remake as the film promises a lot of surprising elements. Hrithik Roshan plays the iconic Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, the role originally played by Amitabh Bachchan.

Set in a small village, Mandwa, Agneepath tells the story of a young man whose only motive in life is to avenge his father’s death. 12-year-old Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (Hrithik) lives a traumatized life when his father was murdered by the evil drug dealer Kancha (Sanjay Dutt). A shattered Vijay leaves Mandwa for Bombay with his pregnant mother, only to come back after fifteen years, and seek revenge against Kancha. All throughout his journey, his only support is his best friend Kaali (Priyanka Chopra).

Will this new version of Agneepath be the biggest hit in Hrithik Roshan’s career? Read on to find out…

Born January 10, 1974, Hrithik’s ruling number is 1 and this number is governed by the planet Sun. Thanks to the Sun, he will be able to overcome certain shortcomings that were stopping him from achieving his goals. He will be lucky as far as finances are concerned; this actually is a positive sign for the producers as he will set the cash registers ringing. The year 2012 will see Hrithik grow in various spheres of his professional life. This will be an amazing year for him filled with ideas, solutions and understanding.

The releasing date January 26 sums up to 8. This number is governed by the planet Saturn, which indicates that Agneepath will achieve success. It says that the film will be lucky in finances and may benefit through a windfall.

So, with two numbers giving positive predictions, Agneepath is expected to do really well at the box office. The new version will create an impact of its own.

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