Celeb Capricorn: Kalki Koechlin

Born to French parents in Pondicherry, Kalki Koechlin made her Bollywood debut with a bang in Dev D as the modern day Chandramukhi. Being a Capricorn she can easily magnify her life chart and pick up the best things in life. She is filled with positivity and this is what encourages her to communicate with ease. After her first film Dev D, she appeared in a TV commercial with Imran Khan for Coca cola. And the advert was awarded the best of IPL at the TOI Advertisements awards. She has the tendency to crave for freedom and success. She has that individual streak and she is original and resourceful. Her performance was appreciated by Hindustan Times which said, “Enter Chanda, the multilingual call girl who can seduce in Hindi, Tamil, English and French. With her bee-stung lips, unusual face and refreshing lack of acting guile, Kalki Koechlin imbues the part with a touching fragility.

Ruled by number 9, her love life is very passionate. She is married to Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap with whom she fell in love during the making of Dev D. The ideal partner for a Capricorn is a Virgo and Anurag Kashyap is a Virgo. Kalki and Anurag both are very organized, intelligent and good with numbers. Such couples do well if they work together. And Kalki had assisted Anurag Kashyap in writing his film ‘That girl in Yellow Boots’ in which she also played the main lead.

Kalki is a very intuitive thinker and amenable to new ideas which she proved again with her film ‘Shaitaan’ where she stood out prominently despite the presence of other actors. She has done extremely well for herself so far. So, how will the coming few months be for this rare beauty. She will once again be involved in many good projects and make quite an impact. Opportunities and good news will come Kalki’s way in the year 2012!

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