Sun in Sagittarius, 21 November 2011

It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, as most of you will feel some pressure being lifted off you as the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 21st of November, this year.

As the sun enters in Sagittarius, the feeling of adventure and pride flows in your personality and makes you mentally unemotional.

This transit of the Sun is of significance to all and not just the Sagittarians. Opportunities related to higher learning and foreign lands, languages and cultures will open their gates to you. It is your time to choose the right door, relook your decisions.

Things will generally lighten up and you will find yourself asking more questions. The answers to which will open your mind into a totally new horizon. And what better way is there to learn and to break the mundane routine of life than to travel the world? Most of us will undertake travels no matter how long or short, during this time.

In fact bringing about a change in your routine at this point of time will work wonders for you. Foreign travel is indicated for most of you at this time. You want to seek things, which expand your freedom and experience. Issues of philosophy, spirituality and religion will stir your interest.

You may even go on a quest to know what life is all about. As this quest for knowledge takes you over, you will also find that you have let go of some matters that you considered very important till just a moment ago. Thus, some tense situations will ease off. You will mostly be in a mood to have fun.

As adventure takes a front seat in your life, you may even find it hard to settle down to work or stick to a schedule. But, make sure that you don`t let this changed attitude of yours affect your work.  Mishaps are also likely due to your increased sense of adventure. So, be very careful and avoid unnecessary risks during this time.

Most of you will surely have the time of your life during this transit period of the Sun. You will explore and learn many new things about life.

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