The unbreakable wall, Rahul Dravid

When the whole nation was waiting for the Little Dynamite Sachin Tendulkar to hit his 100th ton in the second Test match against the West Indies at Eden Gardens, one man was slowly and silently guiding Team India to a defendable total at the score board. And in his task, he ended up scoring his 36th ton in Test Matches. The ever so dependable for which he has been tagged as the Mr. Dependable, Rahul Dravid has always been there when the team needed him the most.

He always stood like a fortress for his team when others have fallen like a pack of cards. In fact, this earned him the title The Wall of Indian cricket. Through his sheer dedications and hard work on the field, he has emerged out from the shadow of Sachin and established himself as one of the finest batsman in the cricketing world. His achievements in Test and One-day cricket say everything about him.

Dravid is the first and only batsman to score a century in all ten Test playing nations. With more than 200 catches, he currently holds the world record for the most number of catches in Test cricket. At 38, he is still going strong and fully fit to continue and display his batting prowess.

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