Half-human, half-horse ‘Sagittarius’

Sagittarius is one of the “double-bodied” zodiac signs, half human and half horse. The archer is also known as a centaur. The symbol of Sagittarius is an arrow pointed toward the sky. It represents the desire of man to rise above his animal instincts.

Sagittarius in Latin means “archer.” It is named so because early star-gazers thought they saw a figure raising a bow and arrow. The constellation is often visualized as a centaur. Many investigations by space scientists unwrap that Sagittarius has the most planets around it. There are 14 stars in the constellation with planets orbiting them.

Its constellation was discovered – or rather imagined – by the Babylonians and Sumerians as many sculptures reveal and they also gave the theory of 12 zodiac gates. They named the Sagittarius as the god PABILSAG, “the archer.” He was portrayed with wings and a lion’s head.

Sagittarius is the preceding sign to Capricorn and it is called in some ancient sculptures “the sign of Peace & Silence”. There are 12 zodiac gates according to Babylonians.

Sagittarius is known as the little gate to Capricorn. There are two cosmic gates: Cancer is known as the gate into incarnation; Capricorn, the gate into the spiritual kingdom. Prior to Capricorn is the Sagittarius, spoken of as “a lesser gate”.

Sagittarius gives the strength, and sense of understanding the situation to shoot the arrow on the right spot.


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