Celebrity Scorpio: Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen, born on November 19, 1975 in Andhra Pradesh is perhaps the ideal Scorpio woman. Beauty, charm and elegance, she seems to have it all. She spent her early years growing up in Delhi and shot to fame by winning the Miss Universe crown in the year 1994. It’s been more than a decade now but people are still in awe of this former beauty queen. Her foray into bollywood didn’t however, turn out to be successful. She had to struggle, especially in the initial stages of her career. She was mostly cast in small and relatively insignificant roles. She is currently involved in grooming young women to represent India in the Miss Universe pageant held annually.

Sushmita’s Scorpio traits combined with specific characteristics of the ruling number 1 make her artistic, brilliant and original. When it comes to standing out in a crowd, no one does it better than Sushmita. She makes heads turn wherever she goes. The Sun rules her zodiac and influences her to be strong and determined. She will never follow the dictates of others and will find pleasure in living an adventurous and carefree life. People born under a transiting Sun are known to be great humanitarians and Sushmita is no different.She is very attractive and easily draws the attention of men when it comes to love and romance. She may have a problem choosing the right man which may lead to a string of affairs. She has a desire for a slow storybook romance and is constantly drawn towards it. If life doesn’t quite match the fairy tale she imagined it to be, she may be disillusioned. She shall be very true to her lover and will expect the same from him — total devotion. She will give a lot of importance to her surroundings, and will want it to be as romantic her. She has the capacity to seduce her man with just one look; her eyes are an important part of her sensuality. Read More!


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