Feng Shui & Your Living Room

Since it is the one room where all the occupants of a house gather, the atmosphere is thick with Yang. Clocks, televisions, fans and air conditioners are in constant use and have an all-encompassing effect. A round clock in white or gold in the west or northwest section of the room brings good luck. The best position is on the left side of the room and if possible, on the same wall as the main door leading into the room.

Paintings for the Living Room:

Follow these points to maximise the positive influences in your house.

-Images of swimming fish signify longevity.
-Lambs are symbolic of luck
-Landscapes depicting sunrise, mountains or water signify hope.
-Cascading water symbolises good luck.
-Portraits of people with serene and smiling faces encourage positive feelings.
– Paintings that are have dark or vivid colouring induce poor health.
– Paintings based on geometric shapes increase destructive feelings.
– Paintings that use the colour red excessively create a feeling of irritability.
– Paintings depicting wild and vicious animals induce poor health.

Paintings for the Living Room:

Most plants have a positive influence as long as they are not wilting. Cactii and plants with sharp spiky leaves are best kept out the home. Plastic or artificial plants are neutral and do not affect Feng Shui. Read More!


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