Erotic zones of passion

Sucking on toes, a foot massage really turns on a Piscean while an Aquarian gets ready for action if you lightly scratch their ankles with your fingernails. Well, that’s the wonder a sun sign can do for you. If you know what sun sign your partner belongs to, you know which part of your partner’s body are sensitive to touch and can really turn him or her on. So next time, you don’t have to look confuse as where and how to start, explore those erotic spots in your mate’s body and arouse him or her for an unforgettable sexual high.

Find out your partner’s moan zones and zest up for a steamy session with your partner!

Aries erotic zones:
The head is Aries’ most powerful pleasure zone. Stroke or just play with their hair, rub their scalp and the next thing you realise is you have charged up your partner. Attenti on all women! If your partner is an Aries, just nibble his ear, this will give him a strong uncontrollable urges.

Taurus erotic zones:
Taurean’s sensitive spots are their throats and necks. Give a gentle kiss on the neck, lick it or lightly rub it, even a soft nibble can really arouse a Taurean. A relaxing massage on the back of the neck will also set the mood for some fun on the bed!

Gemini erotic zones:
The hands and arms are Gemini’s hot spots. A gentle touch or stroke or a nice massage will ignite the passion in them. They usually love their finger being sucked or nibbled; try to spend as much time into foreplay so that it will enhance their mood. And for all men out there with Gemini women – grab her hand and kiss it, she just loves it!

Cancer erotic zones:
You know what turns Cancerians on? Ah! Their chest and the breasts. They enjoy light sucking and kissing of the nipples. Softly caress these areas for that ultimate high. If your man is a Cancerian, stroke his chest hair with your fingers and see how much he enjoys it.

Leo erotic zones:
A rub or a sensual massage on Leo’s back is what drives them absolutely crazy. Leo’s hotspot area is their back. Give a light scratch with your fingernails from the base of the neck down to their buttocks. This will send your partner on cloud number nine. Read More!


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