Virgo and Zodiac Compatibility

Virgo rules the sixth home of services, company connected to do the job, responsibility, health, hygiene, nutritional and exercise habits. The Sun in Virgo phase is an excellent time for you to build an alliance with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. A Virgo is a creative, analytical and a practical zodiac sign. They do well as scientists or writers. They have great taste, and are interested in law and literature.

Let’s find out how compatible you will be with other zodiac signs!

Virgo with Aries: The relationship or marriage will not be as fruitful as you think, because Virgo believes in words and Aries believes in action. Aries is more passionate than the Virgo and this is what the Virgo doesn’t admire.

Virgo with Taurus: The creative, intelligent and delicate Virgo is practical and strong too. Both these zodiac signs are compatible with one another. They are materialistic and passionate. The only problem is that Taurus does not like Virgo’s tendency to criticize at every step.

Virgo with Gemini: A marriage between these two zodiacs will not be successful. But both will be compatible in bed. Gemini loves freedom and Virgo tries to dominate the Gemini which doesn’t help the situation.

Virgo with Cancer: Since both of you are highly ambitious, you will have to make some sacrifices to make your relationship work. You will have to set your priorities right if you want to avoid arguments. Taking time out from your busy schedules is a must or else your love life will be a mess.

Virgo with Leo: Virgo is a reserved character and Leo is the king. They both cannot be dominated but when in love, each zodiac will try to dominate each other. Hence, this is not a match you are looking for.

Virgo with Virgo: Both these zodiacs are reserved and they would like to talk less. Both partners share the same sun sign, and have similar likes and dislikes. So chances are that they will be a good match if they are able to overcome boredom.

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