Shahid Kapoor, an amorous kisser!

Shahid Kapoor is reserving his hottest kiss for his wife.  The shy guy who has kissed four top hot actresses of Bollywood (Kareena, Priyanka, Anushka and now Sonam) said that none of those lip locks are hot enough.

In a recent interview with a leading national daily, he was asked with whom he shared the hottest lip lock. To which, he replied, “I have kissed all four on screen. However, I am very uncomfortable shooting for a kissing scene, since there are a lot of people watching you on the sets. So, my hottest kiss is reserved for the one I shall marry.”

Is Shahid’s kiss wet and messy or warm and passionate? Astroyogi reveals to you his kissing style.

Born on February 25, 1981, Shahid Kapoor belongs to the zodiac sign, Pisces. Piscean kisses are long-lasting and full of emotions. Their kisses are starry-eyed, amorous. They end one kiss, only to start on another! Kiss is a significant part of love making for them.

Being a Piscean, he is a romantic soul and a kiss means a lot to him. He wants his kiss to be perfect, romantic, intimate and soft.  A Piscean sets up a whole ambience to kiss perfectly. He will make sure that the kiss stays in your memory forever; he loves to give a memorable kiss.

Ahem! We are not surprised when he got himself embroiled in an intimate kiss controversy (read Shahid-Kareena’s MMS). So, keep wondering who that lucky one will be till he gets married.


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