Will it be Rafa v/s Djokovic?

The US Open has kicked off in full force and many celebrities are coming in to check out the action. This is the final grand slam of 2011 and a lot is at stake here. Will Nadal conquer, or will will it be Serbian Djokovic’s turn to claim the title? Nadal is the undisputed king of clay but Djokovic rules on hard courts with a 9-5 lead over Nadal. They have met 28 times and Nadal has the upperhand with a win-loss record of 16-12. Listed as one of the greatest rivalries, this is a pair that is sure to create tennis history in the years to come.

After facing defeat at the hands of Djokovic in Wimbledon 2011, Nadal is eager to prove his dominance once again. We know the ferocious Nadal is capable of destroying his rivals with his sheer will power and physical strength. He moves faster than everyone else and never lets a single ball go. Each shot he makes; he gives his 100% to it. Nadal is a force that is hard to break for even the best in the world. Federer, who’s considered to be the greatest tennis player of all time, has suffered defeat mostly with Nadal. He considers Nadal to be the biggest threat and looks forward to meeting him at grand slam finals. Read More!


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