What’s Special this Navratri?

Nine days of fasting and prosperity throughout the year. That’s what the magic of Navratri is. Luck, money, business, and education; this is a favourable time for all aspects of your life.

Navratri is one of the most important festivals celebrated all over India and this special festival, celebrated in honour of Goddess Durga lasts for a period of 9 nights and 10 days. This festive occasion also marks the beginning of the New Moon and in some traditions, the ninth day of the month when the Sun transits into Virgo, prior to Amavasya. The Hindus on the other hand, believe that Navratri begins during Ashvinawhen the Sun exits Virgo. Many important rituals and traditional ceremonies are performed to express deep gratitude and offer prayers to Durga.

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The Ranbir-Deepika Split

There was hardly any gap between the time when we got to know about Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s relationship and the break-up that followed. It was a matter of months before the duo split ways.

If we believe Miss Padukone, she learnt about Ranbir’s flirtatious nature through a common friend and the relationship became history.

Ranbir, after all, is a hot-blooded Kapoor. He is a natural charmer as far as women go and sooner or later, Deepika would have heard about his flirtations, especially when Ranbir isn’t too modest about it either. Common friends carried the news to Deepika, perhaps adding a bit of tadka for flavour. Immediate speculations point to Ranbir’s chemistry with Katrina Kaif during the shoot of Rajneeti. But Katrina was not the only girl in the picture. Numerous stories about Nandita Mahtani and many other girls floated in the air, making it impossible for Deepika to continue with the relationship.

The crack first became evident at Shabina Khan’s birthday party where the two sat in different corners of the room. They had a somewhat unfriendly break up and the buzz is they haven’t spoken to each other since.

Deepika is strong person with set goals and a professional attitude. Not having many friends, it seems she is an introvert for whom opening up is a big task. On the contrary, Ranbir Kapoor can’t stop spreading his charm. An outgoing person, he has many friends and is a pukka Punjabi brat. This certainly doesn’t indicate towards a good match. Trouble seems to be etched from the get go. How were we to expect them to live happily ever after? Read more!

Erotic zones of passion

Sucking on toes, a foot massage really turns on a Piscean while an Aquarian gets ready for action if you lightly scratch their ankles with your fingernails. Well, that’s the wonder a sun sign can do for you. If you know what sun sign your partner belongs to, you know which part of your partner’s body are sensitive to touch and can really turn him or her on. So next time, you don’t have to look confuse as where and how to start, explore those erotic spots in your mate’s body and arouse him or her for an unforgettable sexual high.

Find out your partner’s moan zones and zest up for a steamy session with your partner!

Aries erotic zones:
The head is Aries’ most powerful pleasure zone. Stroke or just play with their hair, rub their scalp and the next thing you realise is you have charged up your partner. Attenti on all women! If your partner is an Aries, just nibble his ear, this will give him a strong uncontrollable urges.

Taurus erotic zones:
Taurean’s sensitive spots are their throats and necks. Give a gentle kiss on the neck, lick it or lightly rub it, even a soft nibble can really arouse a Taurean. A relaxing massage on the back of the neck will also set the mood for some fun on the bed!

Gemini erotic zones:
The hands and arms are Gemini’s hot spots. A gentle touch or stroke or a nice massage will ignite the passion in them. They usually love their finger being sucked or nibbled; try to spend as much time into foreplay so that it will enhance their mood. And for all men out there with Gemini women – grab her hand and kiss it, she just loves it!

Cancer erotic zones:
You know what turns Cancerians on? Ah! Their chest and the breasts. They enjoy light sucking and kissing of the nipples. Softly caress these areas for that ultimate high. If your man is a Cancerian, stroke his chest hair with your fingers and see how much he enjoys it.

Leo erotic zones:
A rub or a sensual massage on Leo’s back is what drives them absolutely crazy. Leo’s hotspot area is their back. Give a light scratch with your fingernails from the base of the neck down to their buttocks. This will send your partner on cloud number nine. Read More!

Kangna Ranaut, the new bikini babe!

After Bipasha, Kareena, Priyanka, Lara Dutta, guess who will be the new bikini girl in Bollywood? Joining the bandwagon is Kangna Ranaut. Yes, she will be seen in her sexiest avatar in her upcoming film Rascals.

Kangna will be wearing a two-piece on-screen for the first time and she is very comfortable in it. When asked by a leading national daily if donning a bikini for a film frightens her, she replied, “I’m a city girl now, so it wasn’t a shocking concept for me. I might wear a bikini if I go for a swim, but it does feel odd wearing close to nothing on a shoot – that too with the whole unit around, fully clothed! It makes you conscious.”

Kangna is doing her best to revamp her drooping career.  She has taken carrying off a bikini as a challenge as she said, “David (Dhawan) sir said he’d like me to wear one for the scene. He didn’t say it was compulsory, but with almost every actress donning one, it becomes almost essential in a film like Rascals. I’m not known for my item numbers or bikini scenes, so I took it up as a challenge. I didn’t want to be known as someone who can’t do it.” Read More!

Virgo and Zodiac Compatibility

Virgo rules the sixth home of services, company connected to do the job, responsibility, health, hygiene, nutritional and exercise habits. The Sun in Virgo phase is an excellent time for you to build an alliance with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. A Virgo is a creative, analytical and a practical zodiac sign. They do well as scientists or writers. They have great taste, and are interested in law and literature.

Let’s find out how compatible you will be with other zodiac signs!

Virgo with Aries: The relationship or marriage will not be as fruitful as you think, because Virgo believes in words and Aries believes in action. Aries is more passionate than the Virgo and this is what the Virgo doesn’t admire.

Virgo with Taurus: The creative, intelligent and delicate Virgo is practical and strong too. Both these zodiac signs are compatible with one another. They are materialistic and passionate. The only problem is that Taurus does not like Virgo’s tendency to criticize at every step.

Virgo with Gemini: A marriage between these two zodiacs will not be successful. But both will be compatible in bed. Gemini loves freedom and Virgo tries to dominate the Gemini which doesn’t help the situation.

Virgo with Cancer: Since both of you are highly ambitious, you will have to make some sacrifices to make your relationship work. You will have to set your priorities right if you want to avoid arguments. Taking time out from your busy schedules is a must or else your love life will be a mess.

Virgo with Leo: Virgo is a reserved character and Leo is the king. They both cannot be dominated but when in love, each zodiac will try to dominate each other. Hence, this is not a match you are looking for.

Virgo with Virgo: Both these zodiacs are reserved and they would like to talk less. Both partners share the same sun sign, and have similar likes and dislikes. So chances are that they will be a good match if they are able to overcome boredom.

Shahid Kapoor, an amorous kisser!

Shahid Kapoor is reserving his hottest kiss for his wife.  The shy guy who has kissed four top hot actresses of Bollywood (Kareena, Priyanka, Anushka and now Sonam) said that none of those lip locks are hot enough.

In a recent interview with a leading national daily, he was asked with whom he shared the hottest lip lock. To which, he replied, “I have kissed all four on screen. However, I am very uncomfortable shooting for a kissing scene, since there are a lot of people watching you on the sets. So, my hottest kiss is reserved for the one I shall marry.”

Is Shahid’s kiss wet and messy or warm and passionate? Astroyogi reveals to you his kissing style.

Born on February 25, 1981, Shahid Kapoor belongs to the zodiac sign, Pisces. Piscean kisses are long-lasting and full of emotions. Their kisses are starry-eyed, amorous. They end one kiss, only to start on another! Kiss is a significant part of love making for them.

Being a Piscean, he is a romantic soul and a kiss means a lot to him. He wants his kiss to be perfect, romantic, intimate and soft.  A Piscean sets up a whole ambience to kiss perfectly. He will make sure that the kiss stays in your memory forever; he loves to give a memorable kiss.

Ahem! We are not surprised when he got himself embroiled in an intimate kiss controversy (read Shahid-Kareena’s MMS). So, keep wondering who that lucky one will be till he gets married.

How to steam up your house party

Where’s the party tonight? At home! Yup, instead of shelling out a lot from your pocket to throw a birthday or private bash at some club or restaurant, why don’t you have it at your home? If you have a little bit of space at home to gather a few close friends and relatives of yours, then just go ahead.

However, it’s not always food and music that will make your party memorable. To have a rocking do, you need to keep your home free from any negative energy so that peace and harmony remain intact in your home. Here are some easy ways to make your party the most talked about among your friends:

  • The foremost thing you need to do is to keep your home entrance area neat, spacious and smelling nice to welcome good and positive Qi (energy flow).
  • According to Feng Shui, the most auspicious areas to hold your celebrations are the west or southwest, so try to make use of these locations if you can.
  • If you have a Laughing Buddha statue, use it as the central decor piece in your get-together area as it promotes happiness, harmony and joy to a household.
  • Use a lot of crystals with a tiny splash of red around the room to increase good vibes. Read More!