Rakhi and Baba Ramdev – An awesome twosome?

Item Queen Rakhi Sawant is back to what she does best. In her endeavour to be constantly in news, Rakhi dropped yet another shocker bomb some time back. This time the victim is Yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

The Drama queen has recently confessed in an interview that she is attracted to Baba’s eyes and wants to marry him. Earlier, she had expressed her love for Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi but now she has moved on to Ramdev. Well, this is seen more as an act to satiate her hunger for publicity, but have you ever thought how these two controversial figures will be as a couple? Are they compatible? Keep reading to find out…

Born on 25 November, 1978, Rakhi Sawant belongs to the zodiac sign Sagittarius while Baba Ramdev (11 January 1971) is a Capricornian.

A Sagittarian and a Capricornian are both focused on their quest for life. Rakhi and Ramdev are both dedicated to their individual missions. Their temperaments are entirely different. The Capricorn male is not the aggressive type. Most of them are old-fashioned and gallant. His romancing might be tinged with timidity. There’s no doubt that a Capricorn male can appear to be cold, because he’s afraid to show his emotions too openly, as he fears they would be trampled upon. It is a fact that he can be most considerate towards himself. Read More!


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