What Makes Kareena Angry?

Cat fights have become an integral part of Bollywood since ages. The actresses in our entertainment industry make sure that we are never short of any gossip or masala. Currently, it seems Kareena Kapoor has the burden of giving us such news. Bebo cannot see eye-to-eye with any of the other leading ladies, be it Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif. And she often displays her feelings publiclly giving the gossip mongers enough to talk about.

Insiders of the industry allege that the recent fame and success has gone to her head, and now she thinks too much of herself. Apparently, she has been throwing extra tantrums these days because of which she has been given the nickname ‘Attitude Queen’. And that is not all; the self-acclaimed queen of Bollywood has a problem with everyone.

Recently there were reports of re-emergence of her old tiffs with Priyanka, when the two actresses were competing to be Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’. The size zero actress also had a problem when Salman decided to rope in Katrina for the opening item number of Bodyguard, in which Kareena is the leading actor opposite Salman. And that is not all. She has had a bad rapport with Deepika Padukone, ever since Love Aaj Kal, where Deepika was opposite Saif.

Kareena has been known for her controversial statements. Her statement about Priyanka Chopra, on a TV chat show, ringed a lot of bells in B town. She claimed that she is the only “actor” in the industry after Rani Mukherjee, not considering any of her competitors (Priyanka, Bipasha) actors at all. She went ahead and mocked Priyanka Chopra’s accent as well.

Priyanka and Kareena were best friends once upon a time. However things went for a toss ever since Kareena faced competition from Priyanka, after Aitraaz. One common link between them is Shahid Kapoor. After Kareena broke-up with Shahid, he was seen cosying up with Priyanka. Shahid and Priyanka allegedly dated for a while. However, now that Priyanka has broken up with Shahid, there should be one less reason to fight over. Another common factor between them is that both of them are in very good terms with Shahrukh Khan. But none of these factors seem to be affecting their love-hate relationship.

Bebo has had problems even when Katrina was declared as the reigning queen of Bollywood by popular surveys. The two actresses have not come out attacking each other although the discomfort is pretty evident. The recent decision of Salman to let Katrina do an opening item number in Bodyguard, in which Kareena is the leading lady has also not gone well with Kareena. READ MORE!


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