Spice Up Your Bedroom

Is your intimate life getting tedious and stagnant? Is everything looking so predictable that it’s taking out all the fun and excitement from your love life? If so, then it’s high time you pay immediate attention to it as the after effects can be quite tumultuous and can even rock your marriage. So, try to bring back action into your life by spicing things up in the bedroom. We have some simple and easy tips just for you:

  • Get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in your bedroom. It should not look boring. Do not keep TV, computer or any exercise equipment in your bedroom. These will destroy all the good feng shui energy in your bedroom.
  • Your bed deserves more attention as it is the focal point of your bedroom. Make sure that it is large, comfy and clean. Cover your bed with satin sheets and on top of it spread rose petals. Use a dark solid comforter. Keep soft and bright red pillows and cushions on the bed to bring about a feeling of coziness and warmth.
  • Enliven your intimate experience by setting a sensual mood. It will do wonders to both you and your partner. Play some soft and romantic music at the background. Make use of beautiful aromatic candles. Keep the light of your bedroom dim; do not make it completely dark. Read more!

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