Will Chelsea Pose a Threat to Man U this Season?

Till now, the football world was busy anticipating which player will stay or move on to which team. But with the end of the transfer window from August, the highlight is back to predict and anticipate which team will dominate the next playing season.

And the two big fishes emerging this season are Chelsea and Manchester United.

One of the most vital and frequently asked question is – will Andre Villas-Boas, the new coach of Chelsea bring in the habit of winning crucial matches to a team which desperately needs it? Can he achieve the same kind of success with the Blues that he has achieved with Porto?

Meanwhile, a highly satisfactory season by winning the Barclays Premier League (BPL) and securing 2nd place in the UEFA champion’s league, United will be looking to keep up their pace. The retirement of great players like Giggs and Van Der Sar might be the reason for doubts about United’s capability to field an equally strong side this season.

However, the football world cannot ignore the fact that right at the start of the season in 2010, experts had written off Manchester United as league contenders. And the results that the red devils got are a proof that they have a strong side. Read More!


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