Uranus turns retrograde, July 9

Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes. It represents genius, freedom and revolutionary vision, the urge for change, originality, breaking the traditions and the ability to visualize new possibilities. It is associated with individuality, new and unconventional ideas, technology, inventions, mental studies, innovation and discovery.

On July 9, 2011 Uranus turns retrograde and will remain so until December 9, 2011. During this phase, people under the influence of Uranus tend to be more persuasive and more willfully assertive. It calls for profound psychological investigation and analysis. This is a good period for doing some mental studies and exploring human behaviour. One will get more inventive and instinctive during this time. Your thoughts become wider without any boundary.

During this period, one gets rebellious without realizing it. It will reawaken freedom and revolutionary visions causing one to rebel against any restraints in their life. It is wise to go inwards and review the whole thing. Read More!

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