Celebrity Gemini: Rafael Nadal

Birth Name: Rafael Nadal Parera
Date of Birth: June 3, 1986
Place of Birth: Manacor, Majorca, Spain
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Chinese Astro Sign: Tiger

Born in Majorca, Spain, Rafael Nadal, fondly referred to as Rafa, the King of Clay is a Gemini. Shy, humble and very down-to-earth, he is definitely not the typical Gemini male. Or it can even be a case where he may have different shades to his personality and the public one may be starkly dissimilar to how he is in private. Even when he began his career he rarely spoke much and addressed everyone around with a polite smile. His rise has been phenomenal and he has rewritten history every now and then. The one person who has been an influential figure in Rafa’s life is Toni Nadal. It was Toni who saw the potential Rafa had and coached him since he was a 3 year old.

Today, Rafa is one of the few players around to have won all four grand slams and has also proved his supremacy on all surfaces. There are times when Rafa seems like an invincible force on court, ready to blow away all competition. He is ruled by the element air and is most likely to be a complex person. He has the ability to think on different issues simultaneously and yet think with clarity. The month of June is very lucky for Rafa, as we have witnessed year after year with his wins at the Rolland Garros. Forever on the move, it will be hard to confine him in one place.

He is very attached to his roots and cares deeply about his family. He will find it easy to remain in a committed relationship and will be loyal to the one he truly loves. He will mostly be compatible with Librans, Aquarians and Gemini. Gemini is a sign which is known for its flirtatious nature but in the case of Rafa, it’s the exact opposite. Loved by many and adored by innumerable fans, Rafa has the charm and the attitude to make girls go weak in their knees. Read More


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