Vaastu and Prosperity

‘Home, sweet home’ that’s the general opinion we all have of our home. Whether big or small, with all our family members, our home seems to be the most comfortable place in the world. To retain this comfort and maintain a healthy atmosphere at home, it becomes indispensable to keep our home safe from all negative vibes and energies.

How do we keep negative energies away from our home? Well, you don’t have to run door to door looking for solutions to your problems. You can rely on Vaastu Shatsra to provide you with answers to all your household problems. The term ‘Vaastu’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Vas’ (dwell). Vaastu is a part of Vedic wisdom that tells us how to arrange our homes and offices effectively, efficiently and in a manner that will attract luck and good fortune.

Follow simple Vaastu tips and no one can deny you peace, harmony and positive energies that you are trying to sustain in your home. Normally, Vaastu Shastris are consulted only at the time of construction of a building. However, it is essential that we involve them even at the time of purchasing a site. From purchasing a plot to construction of doors and windows, wall colours to placing decorative items in our house, we need to pay attention to every minute detail.

As suggested by Vaastu, a site that slopes down to the north or to the east should be selected for the construction of your dream house. And preferably, the site is either square or rectangular in shape. Avoid all sites of any irregular shapes, as they will be lacking in the positive vibrations that is essential for an all round development. Read More!


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