Relation between Elements

Earth Element People
Persons, whose representative element is the earth, are faithful to their masters, have an idealistic character but are highly ambitious. These persons have dual character. They wish and desire that other persons should accord importance to them, and they desire a loving treatment, in return for their love. They should avoid and stay away from moisture and marshy lands.

Fire Element People
Persons of fire element have magnetic and attractive personality, remain happy and excited. They wish to remain bound in the love- bounds of their relatives, as they despise seclusion. They are hypersensitive and quick messengers.

Water Element People
Such persons are imaginative, philosophers and great thinkers. They are clever, scholarly and believe in free lancing. They take up multiple professions. They believe in conferring secrets to themselves only. They should avoid water-laden places.

Metal Element People
They are excellent calculators. They wish to lead an orderly and principled life. They also like hygienic and balanced environment. Quality is the creed in their life. They should avoid dry places.
Wood Element People
They are high class artists or artisans and perform their work diligently and remain committed to their work and are adept in their profession. They are real workaholics. They wish to remain busy, and believe in the sort of life which is basically hardwork oriented. They indulge in wasteful expenditure.


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