Final ICC World Cup 2011 Prediction


India v/s Sri Lanka – World Cup 2011 Final

Finally, the world’s two best teams have arrived to the cup of pride, for which they have been dreaming since many years. This time, millions of people in Sri Lanka and India are praying to get the Cricket World Cup 2011 back to their country. Let’s see what the stars have in store for India and Sri Lanka this World Cup!

No doubt there will be a very tough competition. Unexpected twists and turns will be seen in this match. There will be a vice versa bowling attack on teams. Spectators will watch this match breathlessly. Under such a close fight score will also be high. It will require very hard work and great patience to chase.

If India bats first, the first 40 minutes of the match will be great but after that, the players will start struggling a bit. After 40 minutes of the match, some unexpected moments will be noticed in the match and players will be in a stressful situation. Young batsmen will not deliver to their potential. Only the senior batsmen will be in their very best form. They will also face tough competition and mentally, they will have to be very strong. They will have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

If Sri Lanka bats first, they will play well but initially wickets will fall. After 40 minutes of the match they will have to be extremely patient and work hard to score runs.

Whichever team bats later will have a difficult time and this may last up to 2 hours. Their opponents will dominate them but their attack in return will not be very hard hitting. After 8 O’ clock the match will be steady and move at a fast pace and will also become highly entertaining. The players will fight for each run. It may look like the match will be a tie, but luck will be in favour of India, especially towards the last overs to win this match. There will be hope for India with Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, and Sachin Tendulkar performing well. Zaheer Khan and Munaf Patel will bowl extremely well for India. Senior batsmen will not able to score a century but they will score around 50 to 75 runs.

By: Anita Nigam
Celebrity Astrologer


One comment on “Final ICC World Cup 2011 Prediction

  1. sid says:

    Being an Indian i want India to be the winner.
    But most of all i want to see a thrashing defeat to lankans to balance a 245 run defeat at sharjah (Last match india played there).
    and unforgettble beating to muralli.
    I also want to see jaysuriya crying on tv.
    Now it is the most easiest chance for dhoni to win world cup for us.
    I want to see the slinging faces of the lankans.
    May god fulfills my wish today.

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