Numbers and Colours for Holi!

Numbers and Colours for Holi

Holi is all about colours and the beautiful shades that can liven up our lives. On this special occasion of Holi how can we not talk about colours? Based on your ruling number find out all about your lucky colours!


All you number 1 people ruled by the Sun will celebrate Holi with excitement. Your lucky colours for Holi are yellow, bright orange and purple. Wear these lucky shades and see the spark return in all aspects of your life. Bright colours are indicated to fill your day with happiness.

Those of you ruled by the number 2, will see yourself getting closer to your family this Holi. Your lucky colours for Holi are light green, yellow and violet. Your day will become much better if you stick to these colours that will enhance your luck.

This Holi will be about meeting people and striking new friendships, for all you number 3 people. Your lucky colours for Holi are blue, pink and orange. Make sure you include shades of these colours to your wardrobe.

For all you number 4 people, this Holi will be nothing if not fun and spontaneous. Celebrate Holi by playing with your lucky colours red and burgundy. Deep shades enhance your appeal and help you attract others toward you.

This Holi will be about elegant and sophisticated fun, for those whose ruling number is 5. The lucky colours for you this Holi are turquoise and pastel shades. These shades bring out the best in you and make you quite appealing.

For those of you ruled by the number 6 this Holi will be best spent in the comfort of your home and family. Pink, blue and green are your lucky colours on Holi. If you are the kind who likes to go crazy on holi with friends, do so by playing with these lucky colours!

This Holi will be a quiet but enjoyable affair, for those of you whose ruling number is 7. Colours you should go for are sapphire and navy blue and pearl grey. These dark but lucky shades will bring out the best in your personality.

This Holi will be spent in fun and frolic with your friends, for all you number 8 people. Avoid light shades and go for purple, navy blue and amethyst. Wear light shades as much as possible, as nothing works better for you.

All you number 9 people will be full of energy this Holi and will not have a single dull moment. Warm shades like red and yellow are lucky for you on this day! You will see an improvement in your day and life by wearing something in your lucky colour yellow. Read More!


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