One-Day Mataram!



Sanjay B Jumaani

ne-Day Mataram!

A No 7, Dhoni (7/7) should have played the main lead in ‘Saat Khoon Maaf”! On 16th (7) yesterday, it had to be his day; he played a Captain’s knock and scored a ton to lead India to victory. He’d also signed a mega deal with Maxx (also our client) on 7th at 7 AM! As predicted 18 days in advance (in HT) on 25th (7) he would taste success in IPL 3 Finals. Remember his ad, ‘Ye mera Saatva request’? Jersy & Locket No 7, IPL Semi final total 142 (7) enough to defend, despite losing 7 wkts! In Finals, MI had to make 169 (7) & couldn’t! Was also the 7th clash head-to-head between CSK & MI!

By: Sanjay B Jumaani
Celebrity Numerologist


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